The newlyweds sat on the table flanked by the bridesmaids and groomsmen on their sides. Janaki sat right next to Andrea. She was smiling at the camera and people. She stared speaking through her teeth. “What is wrong with you?” Janaki asked Andrea, “How could you do this to me?”. “What have I done?” Andy asked innocently. “Oh, you don’t know what I have done”, she said almost shouting at her. “No”, Andy said rather irritated. “How could you invite him, HIM?”, trying to keep it low this time. “If you ask me one more question I swear to god, I will cry.” Janaki gave her the stare and looked her in the eye and said, “You invited Raghunath Diwan, how could you, like, how? And then not even give me a heads up on it.” The discussion was getting slightly heated and William decided to intervene, “Is everything alright?” Both Janaki and Andrea turned towards him and said a firm “No” and turned to their conversation immediately. “Oh, Raghunath Diwan. But what is the problem with him; he is a friend and a nice guy’. “Friend!? When the heck did you guys become friends and still you have not invited everyone from our batch and you invite him”. “He was my mentor in college, if you remember and I did not think he’d turn up anyway”. “But he did”! Suddenly they realised that quite a few heads had turned. They both smiled at the guests and Janaki started to speak through her teeth again, “This is not the end of it”.

Luckily, the best man called attention with the best man’s speech. Then the new couple danced and then the floor was opened to everyone. This made Janaki see that she was the only one sitting on the table. Andrea saw this and went to her “Hey, I am sorry, I should have told you. I am so very sorry, but I did not realise that it would bother you”, “It is ok Andy, I just did not except to see him here and seeing him suddenly just threw me off and I became angry, I shouldn’t have shouted at you, that too today, it was very rude of me and it is your wedding, how am I bothered with whom you invite, I am sorry”. “OK stop right there”, Andrea glowered, but then she said “I always thought you were over him, I mean, you said that remember”. “Yes, I am over him, but I just did not expect to see him there, I told you that already, I don’t I am just crazy”. William came there, looked at Janaki and asked “Could I take my wife for a moment ma’am, my friends want to meet my wife”, Janaki smiled and responded with a nod.


After quite a few songs had been played and Janaki had seen quite a few dances to those tunes, her face had started looking slightly blank. Andrea tried asking her to come to the stage but she declined. Everyone was dancing in couples and she did not want to receive the sad glances of the people, pitying her singularity. She did not care about the singularity part, not about what the people thought about her but today she did not feel it fitting to dance alone or perhaps she was waiting for a magic to happen today and make her a wish that she had harboured for a long time, she had completely forgotten about it had she not seen him today and she shifted her gaze to Raghunath’s table. She noticed every move he made. Every move of the hand, every line on his face when he talked, when he smiled and she sighed and then reminded herself “You are over him, for crying out loud, you were never with him to be so crazy ok stop, see how everyone is enjoying, dancing, having fun, are you crazy or what?” While she kept looking, he turned, their eyes met, she tried to hold his gaze “If you are over him, you can do this”¸ but she couldn’t and she turned. “The heck”, she muttered under her breath “Great now I will not be able to enjoy anything today, Andrea I hate you”.


She tried willing her mind to focus on the dancing, failing quite miserably at it. Her eye caught a movement and she saw, Raghunath coming towards her, she started to quickly look between him and the floor, again him, floor, him, floor and making sure that he was in fact coming towards her, she started to breath fast. “GET REAL” , her brain shouted just in time. He was standing right next to her and said “Hi! I don’t know if you remember me or not, I was in your college, Raghu…”,  “Raghunath Diwan”, she said with a smile, “I have a good memory”, thinking that saying that will help her seem indifferent. “I see you have been sitting here for quite some time now and I thought that” , she cut him and said “And you thought that it will be fun to be mean and remind me of that” and gave a very mean smile. “Ah, no I thought that I’ll ask you to dance”. Her hear skipped a beat. Did Raghunath Diwan just ask her to a dance? “So you are asking this out of pity?”, she asked with an undercurrent of disdain.  “Ah, NO, maybe I just asked you because you are looking so beautiful and I had been meaning to ask you but only did it now”.  Her brain did a split second somersault and she said “Sure” and regretted that she said it too fast but then she thought why did it not happen that night



Everything was white, so white; it looked and felt like heaven itself. The church was one of a kind, an old one, built by the British. They had taken immense pains to find the perfect location to make the most important day of their lives special and well, because she did not have a Sunday school certificate and they had to find a church where they did not need one for wedding. Andrea Lily George was getting married today to William John and it was the happiest day of her life. Even though it was arranged marriage, they felt that spark when they met each other for the first time at the house of Andrea’s uncle, an army man. Uncle George and William were in the same platoon and her uncle was highly impressed by this fine young gentleman. So he decided to give this match a shot but he was surprised by the time it took for both of them to say yes.


After months of scouring and searching for dresses, cards, venues, jewellery and oh and most importantly the shoes, they were getting married today and William, even though he knew it was exceptionally cliché and cheesy, just kept thinking “How did I get so lucky?”. While getting ready, everyone was coming up to Andrea and wishing her luck for the future but she was waiting to hear that one voice that would calm her tense nerves by just saying “Oh my god, can you take a break, it will be all fine”, that of her best friend Janaki Desai, they went to college together. Andrea couldn’t imagine how life would have been without Janaki. She always took notes, her projects were always the best, her researching skills were unmatched and the amount of patience she had when it came to bargaining was something she still marvelled at. Her taste in music was slightly different and particularly unique much like Janaki herself. She was her rock throughout their education at the Imperial Law College, as she kept having existential crisis every now and then, well law college does that to you. She needed her so badly right now, where the hell was she?


Janaki was so mesmerized by the beauty of the place that she took her sweet time to get to the bride. When she waltzed into the room, she was met with a stony gaze “What took you so long?”, “Hey this place is beautiful, ok, I was taking in the beauty of it”, adding a slight drawl to the last part. “This isn’t funny, do you get that lady? I am getting married and then I will have to work and then cook, wash clothes, be a part of all these long family ceremonies, have babies and be a mother, change nappies, quieten them when they would wake up in the middle of the night crying take them to school oh wait not only school but play school as well, help them with homework, take them to tuitions, collect enough money to send them off to college and also for their wedding and then handle that, oh my god, my life is going into an oblivion…”, and she went into a hysteria, “…so do you get it, it is not funny?”. She turned and looked at Janaki, whose expression could just be called flabbergasted. “Oh my god, can you take a break, it will be all fine. I know you are getting married, I know it is a huge responsibility, you can get cold feet but that does not mean you will go on planning the next 50 years of your life, Andy calm down. All that work, I am sure, William will help you and if he doesn’t you give me a call, I will set him straight, but about having babies, I am not sure if William could do that…” and she laughed and Andrea cracked a smile and then eventually started laughing too.

Janaki was the maid of honour. She went and stood at the altar when everyone was settled in their places. She also gave her classic smile to the best man and the bridegroom. The music started to play and Andrea walked in in her beautiful cream gown and Janaki was dressed in a plain royal blue velvet gown, closed up to her neck, with full sleeves. The duo looked extremely sexy yet so classy and formal. She smiled and looked at the bride but she saw someone else as well sneaking into the crowd, trying to blend in unnoticed. Had they not been at the altar, she would have shouted Andrea’s head off for inviting him. How could Janaki not recognize the face, he was a senior in their college, Raghunath Diwan.


It feels awesome to be back, I know its been quite some time and as I replied to a kind commenter that college has been sucking the life out of me, well I now realise that that was bit of an overstatement. Now that I sit to reflect on the past four and a half months that I spent as my first semester, I realise that life wasn’t all that bad. We have a course of 5 years spanning over 10 semesters, and just, yesterday, well it is past 12 so technically day before yesterday, I gave my last exam for this sem. We have five subjects every semester and there is always a change every six months. This time we had Legal Methods, which is kind of an introductory course, History of Legal and Constitutional Development of India (HLCD), Political Science (Pol), Law of Torts and English. Legal Methods was easy to understand but I don’t know if that teacher has something against students, she just isn’t ready to give marks. But it was fun, we learnt lots of interesting stuff and especially, how our language makes a huge difference in expression. God, HLCD, I will seriously cry thinking about it. The teacher is well educated and from this really big ass college, but boy, is she condescending, you feel so worthless in her class. Now that I think of it, I might top the class in other subjects but HLCD doesn’t give me really high hopes, even for passing. Ah I don’t want to talk about it.

Pol Science, was awesome, I did not get a word of it, well ok no I did, but the point is that sometimes our teacher used to come to class excessively happy and then we never understood what he was teaching that day, turns out he takes meth on a regular basis which I believe this has affected one of my teachers of Torts, they have the same office. As in the same space is divided into two and the smoke emanating from Pol teacher’s side creates a certain mental imbalance in our Torts teacher’s brain. Also for my Pol teacher I have a theory. He is well read, I agree but then he has this habit of putting words like ‘normative’, ‘conceptual’, ‘meta-physical’ (and here I thought that I left physics) wherever possible. Now the theory is based on constant empirical observations, that he chooses a word out of his chest of ‘highly fancy sounding words that blow the living daylights out of the kids’ and that becomes his word for the day and he repeats that word in every line he speaks, I don’t know is that some legitimacy seeking trick??  We have two torts teacher, the previous one is a guy and the other is lady, who has become somewhat of a mystery to me. I take in pride in being able to recognise people’s accents and tell them from which place they are, but her accent has just perplexed me, because she talks as if she is from Kerala and as it turns out she is from Punjab, for those who don’t know they are in opposite directions on the map and separated by a huge distance. And her sense of humour, we  were doing this case in which the doctors did not administer the right dose of anesthesia and thus while fixing the patient’s leg, he couldn’t bear the pain and died. She kept laughing about the case as if it was a joke and not something in which a person actually died. I was just speechless.

English taught by that God forsaken teacher, I could dedicate an entire post to his narcissism. Oh no wait we came up with this word that reflects that level of self obsession required to reach that of our English teacher, had I not decided not to reveal names, I would have told you the word, but I suppose you get the drift. He thinks he is some god sent angel to revive moral characters in students and people in general. He tells college children to walk in a line WALK IN A LINE????!!!!!! Are we in nursery and oh and he says that he doesn’t know why nursery schools have stopped teaching manners to children and he thinks that he will have to teach us guys some. The level of frustration my entire nervous system shoots up to when he opens his mouth is beyond cloud nine. He thinks he is too cool for himself, tries to to access our online attendance on his phone because the e-station may have viruses and then when he takes it, he will always remind us that he remembered the entire batch’s roll call list last year and then because he is too busy talking to us about how great he is, he will mess up the attendance and thus we end up repeating the entire roll call. And the way he walks,it is practically like this, he takes out the right foot and drags the left foot too it and no there is no damage to his leg. I will have to stop myself from writing something that is an anti-my english teacher propaganda, but I shall tell you a one liner that he said in the class, see he thinks he is really smart, witty and funny, “I just saw an assassination attempt……… assassination attempt of a mosquito” while someone was trying to kill a mosquito.

Apart from this there were a lot of talks that happened, which were on particularly interesting topics but it was a very few times that the speakers made sense hmmm…. no quite a few made sense may be I was dumb , not to get it. We also ran a Anti Sexual Harassment movement, supported the Kiss of Love movement and the Gay Pride day parade and then we also did a play, actually four of them but I was in one: Antigone, by Sophocles and guess my role, yes I was Antigone. Well this was another thing our Eng teacher organised, followed by a pointless poem recitation, those who stayed told me the stories of their horrors from that night, they still haunt them, no no stop.

I realised the shift from science to law pretty clearly, it is a bit vague but that vagueness is quite fun to dabble with and well please pray that I pass in history and the next sem will if not worse be better than this.



Had it not been an SRK movie, I wouldn’t have bothered to see the movie. Those who know me, given my extreme fanaticism for SRK, would feel that I would be biased. But luckily I had had seen Chak De! India on TV for like 15 mins, so I kinda got through the movie. Also, well I can’t help it, but when i watch a SRK movie, I just see SRK, rest of the parts that work to make a movie, don’t really matter to me that much but I will try to tell you about the movie, to the best of my memory.

Well the movie starts of by retelling the most famous SRK dialogues, which has been the trend for the past couple of his movies and not only his movies but movies who earn off his great movies like Humpty Sharma. He acts and just blows you away in the first scene, but again, me biased ;).   The success of the movie completely rides on the presupposition that people will come to see SRK and given the fact that SRK and Farah Khan became friends again, it must have been a rock and a hard situation for SRK, I know it seems I am trying to justify this thing called ‘Happy New Year’ but one has to go into the semantics to get the whole picture. Moreover, this is what happens, the only sane force in the movie is SRK’s acting.

The rest of the characters just follow his lead and the movie just keeps changing location from one to the other driven by a lot of revenge and drama towards a point that in an actual SRK movie should have been a nail biting climax was just something as simple 2+2=4. SRK may have said that in my movies, the lead heroine’s name will come before mine, but Deepika’s role was something similar to Katrina’s in Dhoom:3 except there was more of ACTING and SPEAKING parts and not just a little twinky for show and of course a lot more of actual dancing on Deepika’s part. Sonu Sood and Abhishek Bachchan just push up the number of stars by two and play the part that they are required to play in the great game plan.

Vivaan Shah is nice but I don’t know, they thought he is too raw for it or something, he had an even lesser role to play. Last but not the least, the best of them all, Boman Irani, he makes you laugh, he makes you cry and endears you to himself with his the typical Parsi guy with the perfect accent and with Daisy Irani as his mother, the role is just played to the tee. Something like the song in Om Shanti Om, Deewangi, was also done in the movie, too many special appearances, too many. I wouldn’t compare the movie with the previous Farah Khan ventures like Tees Maar Khan or Joker but it wasn’t even close to Swades, Chak De! India or Dil Se, like way off trajectory. I wouldn’t say that you must watch the movie, go watch Annabelle, if you have the stomach for it. Coming from me, believe you me, says a lot  about a movie starring SRK.

The other elements of the plan like the World Dancing Championship, was jut out of the place, I mean just why would you inflict Boman Irani, Abhishek Bachchan and from now on Vivaan Shah dancing on us? And not once not twice at least like 120 times, please SRk doesn’t dance like Shahid or Hrithik but he is not Salman Khan and the tap dance in Dhoom 3 by Aamir was just bullshit. Apart from the hero what also could hold he movie is a strong villain, but this movie’s villain it self came for like 20 mins, rest of the 2hr 40mins were SRk saving the world mixed with Deepika dancing about and the others just there watching him do stuff. Oh yes and if you liked Dhoom 3, please this movie is like way better, way way better than that nightmare of a movie.

Also another thing that comes to my mind is one of the hollyshit episodes ( that is basically about how logic is just another prerogative of the director like the script and music. Because the speed at which they come back for the finals of the WDC and the fight sequences, however cool, are just purely without any possible logic, I mean No just NO LOGIC. Rather the entire plot doesn’t reflect the slightest shimmer of logic. All of it was too simple for it to be a edge of the seat heist like the Ocean’s series. You don’t get the thrill or the excitement.The ending, if you have seen PLAYERS, where in the end, the gold that the hero takes away is beaten into sheets of gold and made into cars which could then be driven away by the star cast, though it is not as silly but kinda smacks off that, given we have Abhishek in the supporting cast.

Now why do I call it a decision went wrong because again, probably given how movies like R….Rajkumar, Kick and the rest are doing business and for crying out loud Dhoom 3 actually was the highest grosser, he must have felt that he could actually pull something like this off. But the roles he had played in his previous movies just makes it unacceptable to see see him in such a movie. I would imagine, after seeing the movie as Akshay Kumar being the hero, you could actually understand and accept the sheer stupidity and go home to sleep without feeling the heat of your burnt pocket, but not here. Again, I won’t recommend you to see the movie, even though the fan in me wants it to break all records, yet may be a flop like this might make him feel that he has to chose the roles more intelligently. Many say, he is going through the phase that even Amitabh Bachchan went through with movies like Sooryavansham but i beg to differ, make up couldn’t do anything to make him look pretty but with SRK make up works and if that is fine for a movie like ROBOT, where Rajnikanth, bald and with a pot belly can pull off, SRK can definitely do.


Well first I know how hypocritical this is because I am writing the post in English, but I seriously don’t know how to write in Hindi on a laptop, besides this is meant to provoke the thoughts of those who are well endowed with the English language skills. Now we were studying the various schools of history and there they taught us what is the Elitist school of history. For those who, like me, don’t know what it is, well this is what I understood, means when the history is told only from the perspective of the elite that this the ones who were influential enough to get their names etched in history. But now a days, as I came to know, elitist is also used for those people who consider themselves, maybe unconsciously, a notch higher than others maybe for the simple reason that they can speak better English or have see more English movies or are into the English music legends like John Lennon, Eric Clapton etc and for some reason have an accent which you can neither trace to the British nor to the Americans and it is definitely not Indian. I might refer to people as ‘they’ which might feel like I am  talking about my batch mates, but I mean it in a general sense.

Now, why did I get to thinking this? The thing is that I may watch a English movies and listen to a few English songs here and there but still my preferred style of music is Indian folk, Indian folk fusion, Indian Classical and well if the lyrics and music are good enough maybe even Bollywood songs. My room mates play their Led Zeppelin songs at full blast of their speakers and I am supposed to, well no offence meant, bear the monstrosity. But the other day I came in with my laptop, with a soft Hindi Bollywood melody playing on it and voila! I was to either shut the song or sit outside the room, MY VERY OWN ROOM!!! You can’t sit with people you call your friends because eventually when the conversation turns towards music, you are sitting with an expression on your face that gives it away very nicely, that you have no idea what is going on. When you talk about what you listen to, as in if they are polite enough to ask, they will just nod and then somebody will bring in Dream Theater and the whole point is just lost. Sometimes I feel that are such people even capable of appreciating the beauty of India’s indigenous music that does not actually come from Coke Studio, which again to me is an elitist version of folk songs. Though I agree some are really beautiful, but I can bet that those ones have deviated only slightly from their original form, because the music comes from the narrow roads that take you to the very heart of the country, etched deep into the traditions and the culture.

Talking about English movies, I do enjoy James Bond, no wait, I am helplessly in love with James Bond (especially Pierce Brosnan) and also like watching Harrison Ford movies and the others. But not having watched Dead Poet’s society was a sin that I had committed that probably could not be absolved in this life, at least this is the reaction I got. When I asked people have you seen Swades, Chak De! India or to put in perspective, 3 Idiots, everyone looked down on me because I actually enjoyed these movies. Not only this, our college has this thing of finding excellent and meaningful movies from all over the globe and then showing it to us. So, they day they showed Dead Poet’s society, the entire hall was jam-packed. The next week they showed us this Kannada movie about caste-ism in India from an example in Karnataka, the story being penned by an internationally acclaimed author who wrote in Kannada. Any guesses as to what happened, the hall had a few people, half of them probably had nothing to do. It is many of these movies that go to the Cannes Festival and the other fashionable screening of movies, yet do we know anything about them.

Slumdog Millionaire won 8 Oscars hence every Indian talks about the movie with pride, but how many of us have seen Paheli (translated to English: the puzzle) that was nominated to the Oscars, was shortlisted but just couldn’t make the final cut. When the Oscars are to be awarded, in India the program airs at 6:30 in the morning, you will find people actually getting up to see them even though they actually happen around the time school student are writing their exams. I agree such fervor is also raised for Filmfare, but probably because it awards the populist cinema. Have we ever seen this excitement for The National Awards, which are actually given away by the President of India. People usually give the argument that we don’t watch Indian award functions because they are rigged and have a lot of unnecessary dance and song performances, at least this is what I feel. But the national awards cannot be rigged, even in the dreams of a madman and there is a total of what 2 or 3 performances. But no, we don’t even know when they are given away.

In my family, I was supposed to be the elitist because I don’t enjoy Salman Khan and Akshay  Kumar movies and only deigned to go to the theater if a Shahrukh Khan movie had released. But now coming to college I want to tell them that the deal they got with me was much better. :D


Delhi is and has always been my first love. It’s food, architecture and the fact that it is a motley of so many cultures from round the world makes it hard to forget. I had gone to a summit organised by CBSE last year. On the second day they took us on a tour of four places around Delhi or should I say New Delhi. These four were, the Humayun Tomb, Qutub Minar, Indira Gandhi Memorial and Lotus Temple. It was a day of sheer fun. My history teacher also accompanied me so she told us about things that we couldn’t have normally noticed about these places. So here is how it went:

HUMAYUN’S TOMB: This was my most favourite place of the four. The place has about 105 tombs, I mean I could actually dedicate a post to that monument but due to shortage of time, we only went to the main imposing structure of the Humayun’s Tomb. The place has a certain sense of tranquility about it, you know just sitting there makes your senses calm and cool. The main structure is just as imposing as the Taj Mahal, you can easily see the reason why it could have been the predecessor of it. The same dome shape and the basic structure of the tomb are almost identical, just that it is made in red sandstone, the favourite construction material of Jalaluddin Mohammad Akbar, the third Mogul ruler who got the tomb constructed for his father and the Taj is built with Makrana Marble, a favorite of Shah Jahan. ASI has developed the entrance chamber into a room filled with information about the tomb also explaining why most Mogul structures have designs like the web of a spider on the windows. Legend has it that when emperor Humayun was escaping from the men of Sher Shah, he hid in a ruinous building that had a lot of spider webs on the entrance door. The raiders came behind them into the building and felt that the people were not there, seeing the webs, they left it and moved on. Since that day, they believed that the spider webs lend a sort of protective cover and so any of the windows of the main chambers of any Mogul building always has these designs made on them.. The photo here is my favorite of all those I have ever clicked, from a side bench near the tomb. The fountain also lends an aesthetic  effect.






Humayun’s Tomb, from the side bench


Through the fountain!!!

Qutub Minar: The tallest brick Minaret in the world, the Qutub Minar. I have no idea how high it is , but most probably it is 950 m. Built over 5 generations with each generation adding a new floor, the best part is that you can still see the inscriptions that prove that it was built using pieces of destroyed Hindu Temple, on second thoughts, not so best part :P.  I went around looking astonished that it’s builders did not even make the slightest efforts to hide these marks. There is also a small marble tomb for a Sufi saint. The famous iron pillar, that is the epitome of metallurgy, both old and modern, because it has not rusted since the day it was made. They have built fence around it now, because people used to try and put their hands around it because of a saying that if you could put you hands around it facing the opposite direction as that of the pillar, your wish would come true. I had tried it once when I was a kid, then there wasn’t any fence, believe me easier said than done ;). It is pretty well maintained, so it is great to take a stroll in and around it. Again since the stampede, the main minaret has been cordoned off.

The Qutub Minar
The Qutub Minar
Hindu elephant god Ganesh
Hindu elephant god Ganesh
'OM', the eternal sound that has persisted since the beginning of the universe and will do so till the end.
‘OM’, the eternal sound that has persisted since the beginning of the universe and will do so till the end.
The Sri Yantra, Hindu symbol drawn for auspiciousness.
The Sri Yantra, Hindu symbol drawn for auspiciousness.
Hindu god Nandi
Hindu god Nandi
The celestial disc, Sudarshan Chakra, used by Vishnu, on of the Trinity. It is said to return to the god only after killing the person it is supposed to.
The celestial disc, Sudarshan Chakra, used by Vishnu, on of the Trinity. It is said to return to the god only after killing the person it is supposed to.

Indira Gandhi’s Memorial: The place was actually the residence of the former PM of India when she was in office. She was killed in office by her body guards. The place has some seriously great stuff to see. Her rooms, clothes etc are all preserved in a pristine manner. They have also kept her bloodied sari, shoes, purse that she was carrying the day she was shot. Many states of the US presented her with the key to the city usually kept with the mayor. They have also placed the various gifts given to her by people. My most favourite was the carpet that had her face woven into it. But being a small space, if there are many people, you have to be in line and wait for it to move along.

Her room
Her room
Her personal effects
Her personal effects
Keys of the states
Keys of the states
An old laptop
Laptop of Mr. Rajiv Gandhi


Lotus Temple: The symbol of the Baha’i faith, the lotus temple is an architectural marvel, mimicking the exact shape of the lotus leaves, it leaves you mesmerized. You cannot go to the grass patches, just for show :(. They take you in groups and tell you about the faith and the temple itself, interesting it is. Below the main temple are small pools which are totally in contrast to the well maintained grounds of the temple. But you cannot blame them , Indians seriously can’t respect anything, they put their dirty feet into the water making it murky. Also don’t go during the after noon, the runup to the temple gets hot and really unbearable to walk on.



So finally it is that time of the year when I grow up another year, my birthday and guess what I am turning 18 today. This means that I am officially an adult, master of my own wishes and decisions. I did not ask for any gift well I don’t usually, but if you are generous enough I don’t mind About  in a week’s time I will be off to college, the National Law University, Delhi. One of the best places to go if you wanna be a lawyer and coveted by many, I am happy that I am actually going there and will become a lawyer, yeah!!!!! Besides, now that I am 18, I can drive, not that I know how to, but still. Unlike my parents, who sit in on the day of elections, I can go out and vote, even though I have to wait another 6 months  to get my voter’s ID, but still. I was just checking out my university’s confessions page, I can even do that without having to worry that my parents can check my browser history and no ‘but still’.

It is a new beginning, everyone has told me that you are mean to be a lawyer, some even said a judge. But nobody knows that I am basically freaked out. I don’t know if I will be able to do well, manage time and actually turn out to be a good enough lawyer. My worst fears these days is how will it be in moot courts because it i my dream to at least once go to the Jessup Moot Court Competition and maybe even win it, I know for that I have to be really great but. A friend of mine in NLSIU, Bangluru, told me that the seniors take interviews before taking you into committies, I don’t know if I can even clear those. And then being in hostel, how is life going to be. Staying alone on you own and in your own surroundings. Will I actually be able to qualify exams and be a good student, god all these things have been preying on my mind.

I have been relaxing for close to 3 months now April, June, July and probably next Monday, this time I will be back from my first class ever at my college. I tried to go to gym, but to no avail, now actually I am short of breath even going to my room from the dining table. I tried joining NGOs to work with kids, but no! They need graduates, not even volunteers. Then I thought of working for some fast food joint, no vacancy. It was as if, it was meant to be that I have to sit at home with that impending feeling of doom and desperation. I shopped by the truck load, T shirts, jeans, tops, almost amounting to 20000 Rupees. Oh how could I forget shoes, a new laptop, bedsheets, bed covers, a new mattress and even a new nail cutter, that will be just for me. I also got a new watch, about a week before my birthday, but put it on today so please it is not my birthday gift. I am leaving my Seiko watch here at home, you can never be too careful. I am also not taking my Nikon P500, that I know will become lonely without me :(. Nobody will use it and I will never have a good instrument to click my pics with. I read somewhere that when a camera is not being used, once in a month, you should just click a random photo with it to you know ensure that all systems are working well and good, but nobody would even that too it, because my parents take almost half an hour to start up the camera, if doing it on their own.

Well but I hope the year ahead will be fun and I can enjoy it to the fullest and be the best lawyer I can be because today I am