My New Coffee Maker!!!

I never knew when did I took to coffee. I started with Nescafe Classic. Though I am not one those who will not have tea because they drink coffee. And till date, caffeine has never really affected me somehow. I literally take a great big glass… yes glass because my college mess has glasses and not cups for coffee before I head off to class, and I can bet you that I am yawning 20 minutes into the first lecture. So I have come to the conclusion that either Nescafe has no caffeine or I have become immune to it. Or of course, my class is so indefinetly boring that even Nescafe can’t help it and I think that it is the reason.

I have come to collect so many coffee related things that I think my house has become this little museum of different coffee makers and coffee beans.I will tell about those later. But right now I want to tell you about this new coffee maker that my parents got me. I was so excited that when I came home yesterday, the first thing I did was open it and get it cleaned. I dried and then I ran a cycle of fresh water and put it to use. It is much better than I thought. Because when I saw the fresh water cycle run I saw that the water came out in like 3 seconds through the cofee, whereas before I had an electric coffee maker, in anything else, I have to wait at least four minutes before letting the coffee dgo. But I guess that is the purpose of the coffee maker, it does the job faster.

Coming to the coffee maker itself. It is Rusell Hobbs RCM 120. It makes 3 to 10 cups. Pretty amazing. I am just having a cup right now actually. It is kinda getting me into the habit of black coffee. I have been against it since I remember> I could never understand, why would you drink it. It doesn’t have milk or sugar for that matter! Eh! But yeah, it can taste wonderful. It is an auto-drip and as I read recently, is hated coffee snobs, but I find it perfect for myself. It is quick, easy to clean and will help me to finish my stock of coffee faster. Believe me, I have a lot of coffee backlog. I live in my University hostel and come home only when I have at least 2 days break, or else, it doesn’t make sense. Hence, the ground coffee at home has no takers for a long time sometimes 3 weeks at a stretch.

But my favourite has recently become the South Indian Coffee filter. I was making coffee in it using other coffee beans but when I went and bought coffee specific for filter coffee, I realised it tastes so much better. And it is perfect for me in college. Now I have almost everything to set up a kitchen in college, a kettle, a cup, maggi or pasta, spoons, forks and almost everything, except for a sieve. The coffee filter requires no sieve, hence no hassle. Though I am still trying to figure out the ratio. But I prefer to think that I am making it correctly, because I don’t have the time to breathe these days let alone figure out ratio for a filter. I tries googling it and that is how I am functioning.

The third is a stovetop expresso maker by cafe coffee day. The description says that you use ground coffee beans in it but believe me, it does not function like that. It makes okayish coffee, you can taste the steel a bit.

In any case, my life is amazing right now because I have a new coffee maker!!!


Well, another semester zoomed pass by me and not just metaphorically. This semester had too many holidays at least way too much for our college. Thanks to our student welfare committee we got ample time on this semester to laze around and basically do nothing except for staring at ceilings and walls. Don’t worry I am not going crazy. But I think, this semester was like one of those where you get an existential crisis and you want to ask yourself, what am I doing with my life. You especially have them during exams when you look at the books and feel like tearing them apart because and as God as my witness, those books were not really helping me with anything in life.

I had three new subjects this semester, Family Law, Economics and Law and Sociology and Law. The two subjects that carried on from the previous semester were Contracts and Criminal Law but with a slight twist.

Contracts, this time, was more focused on Sale of Goods and Partnership Acts. Yes instead of studying one act properly, we read three Acts and let me tell I don’t think I know jack. I gave the exams in which I will hopefully pass, but the question is, do I know anything. *flashbacks of existential crisis*. The running joke of the semester was the term our Contracts teacher used for our Partnership teacher. He couldn;t remember her name so he called her ‘Partnership madam’ and since then that is what is her name for generations to come… “Partnership Madam”. Contracts was very boring, it literally lacked life in any form whatsoever. Not that Contracts 1 was any better, but I knew what was going on. If, in the middle of deep slumber, my teacher would ask me a question in class, I could answer it but this time, I either wanted to strangle myself. The subject was excruciatingly painful. Partnership was a whole other story in itself. I don’t know if there one single partnership class in which I have paid attention. Or my research paper in partnership. It was so damn funny and yet I was lauded for it. See that was it, there was nothing inspiring me to excel and better myself and  my efforts.

Nest was Family Law or as my teacher puts it – FAMILY is Father And Mother I Love You. When she said this, I gave on this subject and my life. At that point, I wanted to run somewhere and laugh my guts out. I mean just how can such things be conceived and then believed by people who have actually done Ph.D in their lives and it is their livelihood. I realised we almost spent 3/4 of the semester on Hindu Law and then 1/4 on Muslim Law and the others were not there in the picture at all but I guess, again the semester was quite short so maybe she couldn’t fit it in. Of course, how can I forget her impeccable pronunciation. I think if I would be speaking something like “This section should be interpreted like…” I would end up saying “This section should be interpretated”. As my spell check goes berserk telling me this is the wrong spell, I wish someone would tell my Fam teacher as well. She says it so many times in a class that it has crept into our subconscious and we end up saying it unconsciously, we need a break to take it out of our brains slowly using housebreaking implements and tools.

Then was Criminal Law. Last time Criminal Law was focussed on the IPC or the Indian Penal Code which is the substantive law and, this time, we learnt the CrPC or the procedural law. We had three, yes three, teachers. And everyone has their own teaching styles. One of our previous teachers continued hence that was a teensy bit of relief. The other two were running their own one-man shows. First the younger one who has this weird walking stance. You can imagine two springs, the ones which you wind using a key, attached to his shoulders. Those springs would release very few minutes and he would jerk his arms which would wind up the springs again and the cycle repeated itself every few minutes. This one believed in giving cases by the score. I was reading cases over Diwali imagine, Diwali! Eventually, I and my friends decided to split it up as it was simply too much. The second older one is an enigma. I think that he thinks that he knows too much and is nothing short of demigod but frankly he is nothing better than Alice in the Wonderland (my apologies if you love that story). He would come, rant about the state and then go, come next day and taunt us on our lack of knowledge of the previous class and then continue with his routine. Now who would tell him that if he would actually teach something worthwhile we would pay attention.

We also had Economics and Law.I don’t really know what the teacher taught because the entire semester either she was on a holiday or she wold assign portions to students who would have to teach it in class. We literally just read the book and went to give our exams.

Sociology! After and a half months of ‘discussing’ sociology I can tell you that I am very grateful to my first year Political science teacher. You ask why? Well had he not taught us so genuinely well last year I would have had a breakdown while trying to learn what our Socio teacher was teaching us and the joke is that the alma mater of both of them is the same. We had to learn the slides and just go and vomit it out. That is about it.

But the highlight of this semester was Virudhka 2015, the sports fest organised by NLIU Bhopal. Oh have I told you that I play volleyball. I had represented my school at various levels but this time was my college. That place has such a huge camps that my college would just fit in one corner of its grounds. But they did not give us food. very annoyed:/ We were dehydrated to our very cores. But that place was quite fun to play mainly because they had proper facilities, not like us where we have to play 9 on 9 volleyball matches on a badminton court. Oh and yes, we won a gold in volleyball and the best contingent overall. Three cheers for NLU Delhi!!!

I can’t really remember anything else that happened which was exciting and fun because well I was generally at home because of the holidays. So yeah marks will be out in a few weeks and I would become 3/10 of a lawyer.