Khajuraho: time frozen in stone

This is my first blog about places. All such blogs will be divided into its history, general description and what you should do there.

Khajuraho, the beauty of the temples in Khajuraho cannot be expressed in words. Love cannot be be expressed better than how it has been carved out in the stone in these temples. My trip to Khajuraho was actually a part of exploring Madhya Pradesh(MP). The only temples properly dedicated to various gods that are not adorned by gold or other precious materials but by poses carved out in stone and believe me they are very intricately carved. ‘Khajur’ in Hindi means date palms and Khajuraho originally had many date palm trees that provided shade to the travelers in the arid land of central India.


Now whatever the locals may tell you there the story that the MP govt likes to go by is that, it may seem a little far fetched and fantastical but guys this is India, a beautiful lady, the daughter of the village headman, was bathing in the a lake in the evening and the moon god (we have gods for everything about 33 thousand crore of them are there) and just had this sudden lust of making love to the lady. But the problem is she became pregnant and just like the Greek gods the guy had to leave. Now she was in utter dismay but the god told her to be patient and the child that will be born will start one of the longest ruling and strongest dynasties of central India : The Chandela Dynasty and they will sanctify their mistake by creating temples to various gods and goddesses adorned by as I mentioned earlier lovemaking scenes.

The temples are divided into three main groups:western, eastern and southern. The largest is the western and it is also a UNESCO world heritage site.

WESTERN: It is a group of 22 temples with the only 1 active temple in the entire group of temples of lord Shiva with an eight feet tall Shivling (a stone of the shape shown below). It is mainly dedicated to Hindi god. Now I won’t grill you with which created which temple.


Unfortunately, only 22 are left of the 85 constructed.

EASTERN: These are devoted to Jain gods (known as tirthankaras) and ask the people to safeguard these temples

SOUTHERN: It has only two temples one dedicated to Lord Vishnu and one dedicated to Lord Shiva

Now where to stay? Over the time you will see that it is very rare of me to say so but yes the govt hotels are the best place to stay, if you go anywhere in Madhya Pradesh. They give a wonderful experience and hospitality is awesome.

And please don’t forget to see the light shows they are beautiful and spoken by Amitabh Bacchan himself.

DSCN0230 DSCN0223

And then you can also see local dance forms, ask you hotels they will tell you, but beware there are two types one is where you see it in the open and one is where you see it in you know a proper place, I saw the former not bad. They might force you to take the latter as it is more expensive but go according to what you want.


There are also beautiful falls you can visit. I went to (I think so) Raneh falls. Having said that, see to it that you see them once during monsoon.DSCN0192

Stay tuned for more places to visit!!


4 thoughts on “Khajuraho: time frozen in stone

  1. Thank you for liking my blog. Just returned from India and did visit the wonderful Khajuraho. The carved figures are exquisite – and in surprisingly modern poses. Looking in mirrors; applying make-up, was half expecting to see one with an ipad! Fantastic place, would have loved to have had some more time there.

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