INDIA: What I Call Home

India where “Atithi Devo Bhava” i.e. guest is god, a place where it is easy to fine place in people’s heart that to find in a hotel , where food is not less than a religion, where the journey is more interesting than the the destination, where the narrow lanes seem more inviting than huge and sprawling highways, where money is not requires to take in the actual experience, where  one will never find oneself alone. it is an experience that cannot be told but has to felt.

It is a place where everything has a story, you just need to find it and once you do, you will realize that each story is actually more intriguing than the previous one. All its monuments seem like talking to you, eager to tell their story. It is the place where both the fierce art of Kung Fu and the soothing art of yoga took birth. It is where every culture finds itself a place because it is always warm and welcoming. Probably it is traditions and rituals that keep it together even after such diversities. You will fall in love with this place even before you realize. It is just like the phoenix rising form it’s ashes and stronger and more promising than the previous time.

Probably the best and the worst thing about India is that you do not know where to start from, it nurtures so many things inside it, one cannot even begin imagining it. Its history is engaging and wants you to crave for more. It boast the largest constitution in the world. Maybe, some incidents make us question its democratic credentials, but when the people revolt, they revolt with their heart and head in it fighting for just justice and truth, without caring for the next person’s caste or creed. Its a complex, little world in itself.

Indian-Flag-4It’s flag, the Tricolour or Tiranga signifies, exactly what India stand for. Each color has it meaning saffron color symbolizes the renunciation of all wordly pleasures and sacrifice for the country, the white encourages and means peace and the green means prosperity of the country. The wheel in the center called as the Ashok Chakra (as it was found on a pillar built by  King Ashok) symbolises constant growth and development.

It is a land that amuses, interests and engages you to such an extent that you will feel a strange attraction to it that will make come to it again and agian yet. you will never get enough of this land, it is really Incredible India



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