James Bond

I don’t know and probably never will that what fascinates me to this character. The suave, sexy, and debonair guy of every girl’s dream. The first movie I ever saw was Die Another Day and since then its just been about him. I am crazy enough about him to stray away from my normal line of India. He is  just the guy to be.

 Ian Fleming is said to have created created James Bond in his beach house in Jamaica, called Goldeneye (Pierce Brosnan’s first film as Bond in 1995) and named it after a n ornithologist of the same name (Pierce Brosnan told Jacincta that he was an ornithologist in Die Another Day). He named his parents Andrew Bond, a Scotsman and his mother Monique Delacroix, Swiss, praising the Scottish descent of Sean Connery of his movies. The birth date is not very clear but his Bentley was bought in  1933 and he is said to have been born in the year of the rat in Live And Let Die.

  • He is a Commander in the Royal British Navy.
  • He was supposed to date Sylvia Trench between assignments (but it isn’t fun is it 😛 ).
  • Eon Productions have 23 movies with 24th and 25th in the pipeline.
  • He loves a large drink before he sleeps that has “three measures of Gordon  one of vodka, half a measure of kina lillet, shaken well till its ice cold with a tin large slice of lemon peel
  • Except for a few, all the James Bond movies have returned with almost 5 times their production costs .
  •  He kills first, asks question later.
  • He is a Double-0 that is he has the licence to kill, a position that is held by only three people at a time.
  • He shares a bitter-sweet relation with his boss M.
  • M’s secretary Ms Moneypenny is always trying to get a ring out of him (in Diamonds Are Forever, when he askes her what she wants, she replies “a diamond in a ring”. But the only romantic scenes have been in Die Another Day and Skyfall.
  • Skyfall is the most successful Bond film till date.
  • He studied at Oxford (Casino Royale, The World Is Not Enough) and took a course in Oriental Languages (You Only Live Twice).
  • He has been played by six actors they are :

              • Sean Connery
              • George Lazenby
              • Roger Moore
              • Timothy Dalton
              • Pierce Brosnan
              • Daniel Craig
  • Roger Moore has till date done the maximum (7) number of films and the minimum have been done by George Lazenby (1). But the figures might change as Eon Productions has signed Daniel Craig for a total of 8 films i.e. one more than Moore
  • With six actors as Bond, they have starred against more than 50 Bond girls.

Well, personally, my favorite Bond is Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig cause they both are a class apart as compared to the others. Many people say Connery was the best but frankly, for me he became old  after the third outing and should have stopped but well he is done and now its the swashbuckling Daniel Craig. Moreover, both of them were and are more equipped to a secret agent as compared to their predecessors. Better built, better gadgets, bringing Bond closer to the people is more like them whereas the others kept him emulated. I will ofcourse not undermine the others, Connery was raw and heroic, Lazenby was wellllllll Lazenby (can’t help it), Moore had his comedy, and Dalton had his style. And Brosnan and Craig just find the exactly measured way out between all of this.

Next I will be posting about the actors. Stay tuned!!!!!!!!


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