Travelling, Bond style

The Bond series is completed its 50 years in 2012, celebrating the release of Dr. No on the 5th of October. It is a fact, that almost half the population of the world has watched at least one James Bond movie and the series has swept more on the Box Office than any contemporary series catering to audiences of all classes since its advent. And what exactly proves my point is the new Bond Train started in London. It is the first film ever to be immortalized by turning it into a train. This is not the the first occasion when Britain has shown its affection for Bond. The Queen of England has also seen two movie: You Live Only Twice and Die Another Day, which also marked the completion of 40 yrs of the Bond franchise, and donated £400,000 to the industry for its betterment.


The East Coast London to Edinburgh service, train number 91007, has been renamed Skyfall with each of its eleven carriages wrapped in Skyfall artwork. Producer Michael G. Wilson, actress Naomie Harris (Eve Moneypenny) and writers Neal Purvis and Robert Wade were on the train’s maiden journey which departed from platform 007 (yes the PLATFORM 007) at King’s Cross at 8.33am. The train’s number has also been changed to 91007 from the original 81227.


 It has eleven carriages and all are wrapped in stunning Skyfall artwork.  Skyfall’s first journey will be taken by international journalists who will interview the stars and writers in the specially branded First Class carriages. Skyfall Martini cocktails were served by Savoy mixologist Erik Lorincz, who designed the cocktail for the film,the all time famous Vodka Martini, shaken not stirred, or how Ian Fleming put it :

Three measures of Gordon, one of vodka, half a measure of Kina Lillet, shaken well till its ice cold with a thin large slice of lemon peel.

Whilst one carriage was a dedicated Blu-ray screening lounge, where journalists watched the film and navigated the Bonus Features.

There was be a champagne reception when the train crossed the Royal Border Bridge in Berwick Upon Tweed, which bears a striking resemblance to the Royal Varda Bridge featured in Skyfall’s classic opening sequence. Members of the public will then have the chance to ride in the Skyfall train from Sunday 17th February, as it goes into active service on the ‘Flying Scotsman’ route from Edinburgh Waverley to London King’s Cross, which completes the journey in just four hours.

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Moreover, to help celebrate the smash-hit success of Skyfall at the UK box-office and its new release on DVD, a special Bond-themed ceremony was held at London’s King’s Cross Station on the morning of Saturday, February 16, where some members of the team involved in the making of Skyfall, including Miss Moneypenny (Naomie Harris), gathered to witness the unveiling of a new Skyfall locomotive and its eleven carriages.


James Bond movies have had many train sequences like one in Skyfall itself, when my darling James is shot down by Naomie for which she is later removed from field work. Or we could take the one in Octupussy, what I like to call in which James came to India has also some fantastic fight scenes. The not so action filled scene in Casino Royale when Vesper and Bond have a verbal duel. And also the one in Goldeneye, where Bond and his heroine are held captive.


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