How To Day-snack Without Letting Your Mom/Wife Know :)

Well, I know this is not something you ever thought of reading about but sometimes these tips might help you snack without anyone know and if you are a compulsive day snacker like me you know getting caught is not a good experience. This article is what I have learnt during my experiences of day snacking and  devising ways of not letting my mom know that I am experimenting in the kitchen. There are a few necessities to master this art :

  1. Ensure that your mom/wife are in a deep sleep, preferably snoring. You might even want to shut there doors, if the hinges don’t creak. This is necessary because women have great ears for everything and the slightest sound might get you caught.
  2. You need to know exactly where the things you need are kept. It helps as some ladies might just want a power nap and you don’t want to waste your time finding things.
  3. You need to practice being light on your feet and shutting doors of cupboards/closets slowly.

Now there are two types:

  1. You are heating something that is already cooked and
  2. you are making something by yourself.

1. The first type, here you might have to heat things. Make sure, you are not heating in something that pings, again we have to endevour to make things as silent as possible. So avoid microwaves, OTG’s and electric heaters. It is better to use our old friend, the gas stove. And when you take out things from the fridge, don’t let the door open, now-a-days, there are fridges that start singing if left open for long. Take a metal bowl and pour out your edible stuff in it and heat it.

You need to make sure that nothing falls on the burner, it is not very clever to leave trail marks. You may as well just wipe the burner with a wet cloth, it will help it in cooling quickly, Even science got me caught once, and voila no trace of you being there.

If its something like fruit cream or ice-cream you won’t obviously heat it, yet you will have to take of the part other than heating.

2. The second type, if it is something you are going to cook, like I like to make my favourite bread snack, keep everything handy and after cooking place everything back where they were.


  1. Place everything in the exact same place, exact means exact because  something under the utensil might have left its mark underneath.
  2. While cleaning up after yourself, never over-clean i.e. if there was some flour, onion cover etc on the floor or slab let it be, ladies are very careful about how they left their kitchen.
  3. When you clean your utensil, which is a must, never clean it directly under the tap. Place an absorbent cloth underneath or on the side and wash on that, it will cut down the noise that will be created when water falls on the hose.

I hope this will be an enjoyable read.


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