Many times people ask me that how do speak on stage, aren’t you afraid. At that time I just try to laugh it off and tell them that it really is no big deal. But it just is for that moment. I know how difficult it becomes to speak words in front of the audience even if you have learnt the words so well that you tell say them in the reverse order if alone but speaking the first word in front of an audience is like an herculean task.  When I myself went to my first  debate out of the school,  it was a disaster.I remember that I looked at the paper twice and actually repeated an entire paragraph. But well thanks to my teachers who did not let me think that I was a bad speaker after this mess. So let us first look at why you think that you can’t speak on stage:


  1. You think that you will forget everything on stage.
  2. You think that people will hit you if you get it wrong.
  3. You will get everything wrong.
  4. You will look like a loser or an idiot.

Now busting the myths one by one

1. IMPROVE ON YOUR LANGUAGE SKILL S: This means that you need to have a knowledge of the language you are going to speak in , enough to be able o say something impromptu if you forget something. For this first of all start reading books in that language and watch movies preferably with subtitles. doing this will help you understand communication. and ofcourse you need to know your material right.

2. THEY DON’T KNOW ANYTHING: If you are speaking on stage and if anything goes wrong, first please don’t give a sheepish look. It really makes the audience fell you are guilty of something. And please it is necessary to remember that they will not hit you if you get it wrong. Moreover it is always necessary to keep in mind that you had the courage to come up to the stage which they did not and that makes you hero already.

3. EVERYTHING IS GOING TO TURN OUT FINE: If you know your matter well and even if you don’t  and know the language it is just going to be perfect. Whatever you have to speak practice it in front of a mirror. Eating banana also helps believe me it is really good.  And if you keep in mind that the audience is very patient it will surely go well. I know people might have told you that think that there is no audience but that is very difficult. How hard you try your eyes will drift towards that of the audience. For this try and find something in the room that is in you eye level and is something like a curtain, a pot and only look at any audience member for a short duration when they are mentioned in your speech. Its is like you should not look down from a mountain top if you  are afraid of heights,.

4. PRACTICE IN FRONT OF THOSE WHO ENCOURAGE YOU: Like Mom and Dad or your teacher. Find someone who will willingly listen to your speech or whatever it is that you have to speak. Ask them for tips and criticism. And when I say this please don’t go to someone you don’t like because even if they will say that you were good you will ask them to find a felt with it and when they do you will not like it. Take the criticism in a healthy way. Even practice in front of your friends and ask them to make funny faces while you are at it. It will help you to slowly cut away or bear distractions while speaking.

5. DO SOMETHING THAT MIGHT CALM YOU BEFORE YOU SPEAK: Like I prefer taking two minutes before speaking and collecting and organizing all my thoughts before I get on to the stage.Someone might have another routine.Whatever helps you to calm your senses.



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