Interesting, well I must say, it was a pretty interesting journey ALONE in the Delhi Metro. I don’t know about the statisticians but I would love to term it the safest mode of travel and the best assisted ever. I was supposed to go from one corner of New Delhi to another without actually having traveled much in the metro, it was really easy to navigate and know where to go and it was astronomically cheap. And I will not forget to mention the dedicated website by the Delhi Metro Corporation. I just had to enter the names of the two stations and voila! I had my route, fare and every other detail I wanted for my journey.

The first station was Dilshad Garden. And I don’t know I just forgot everything and if you would have asked me my name probablyimages (1) I won’t have been even able to answer that. But then again came the Metro guys to my rescue. That side of the platform was closed and they told me to use the other side and that is when I noticed that there was no one on that side of the platform. Also I was very happy with the WOMEN ONLY compartment with a proper signage towards those compartments. 

Then, enter the train ;), it was spick and span and superbly maintained by Indian standards. In the train, there was a continuous drone on the speakers but what they said were important things about the travel in the Metro. For eg., because of this information dissipation system, I was able to know the fact that the first train in the impending motion of the train in actually the WOMEN ONLY compartment.

Then came the station where I was supposed to chain the line at a station called Kashmiri Gate. It was such a huge station and to change my train I had to descend two floors. One tiring job I tell you. Then again I say railing at the edges of the platforms which gave a very secure feeling. And after every few 100 metres there was some person in a blue shirt, black pants and red stripped tie who were willing to assist you about the route and then came the biggie a colored Metro map. It was so nicely colored with main stations highlighted and each route colored with its designated color LED lights.  

I got on to my train that would take me to Central Secretariat.  There I was supposed to get into the last leg of my journey i.e. theM_Id_187101_Metro violet line (coincidentally one of the colors I love).  I got down at the last station Badarpur Border, the border between two states New Delhi and Haryana.

And it was really an awesome journey and with my headsets on I really did not know how time went by. But I must confess, I was a little scared at the beginning but then as it went on I became confident with what I was doing, all thanks to the Delhi Metro Corporation. I admit I had my share of fun through the day. It was much more than just travelling from one place to another, it was something much more exquisite and cool. 



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