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Currency notes of India

I remember reading this joke a little while ago in an SMS  “I am collecting the photos of Mahatma Gandhi on this day of Gandhi Jayanti (Birthday of Gandhi), so please send me all the Indian currency notes you have” . Probably, that is what Gandhi means to most of the Indians, the guy who did something important enough that the Indian Govt. decided to put his photo on the notes. Of course, he did not only something but lots and lots of things that made him very important that he was named the Father of The Nation, though later due to a Public Interest Litigation, this title was rendered unconstitutional as the Constitution of India does not recognize any other titles than military and educational. 

He, for me was a real good guy, unfortunately a bad political leader because he was pretty gullible and very stubborn about his view point. He was also not very good at negotiations. He could go to any length to prove a point, like if Gandhi had not been assassinated he might have settled in Pakistan, as he was against the partition. 

Also, I don’t know why, during one of his speeches, he said that his heir would be Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru. Was his idea of s democracy too co-incident with that of monarchy because last time I checked heirs existed only in monarchy system of governance. 

He was many a times very impractical like he could not tolerate the concept of reservation for backward classes or separate electorates for Muslims whereas probably it could have brought the required stability in the masses which in his opinion could come only from Satyagraha. Satyagraha was his idea of non violent protests to throw the Britishers away. Also, he said, while calling off one of his numerous movements after the Chauri-Chaura incident, where 22 policemen were killed by protesters in Chauri Chaura in Uttar Pradesh, India, that he was calling it off because he felt that Indians had to be trained to be non-violent and they still not have discovered the inner meaning of Satyagraha or Civil Disobedience. Was his idea of getting freedom, to train almost 1 crore people in the subject of Satyagraha and then fight for independence.

Also people started using his name to pull of their stunts that were pretty violent like that told above. Many also used this to make themselves popular and gain fame at that time. Like many fake sages with no knowledge of what was Gandhi and what he preached tried to take advantage and get their wishes fulfilled saying that it was Mahatma Gandhi’s wish. And the poor, illiterate people fell for these traps and many of these imposters succeeded. 

He might also sometimes have been a hypocrite. He was staunchly against the caste system that divided people on the basis of the work they did and people could not change their line of work and even if they did they were not accepted. The lowest in this classification came Dalits. They were those who made straw baskets, cleaned toilets and did menial jobs. Gandhi preached that as god had created all of them as equal how could these people be side-lined.He called them Harijans or the people of God and made an ashram for them at a place in Gujarat called Sabarmati which is on the banks of river Sabarmati.  Once when he was ill, he took to grinding wheat for the residents but a co-worker wanted to save him from more body work pulled water from the well, which was Gandhi’s daily job. Unhappy he picked up a child’s bath tub, filled it with water and carried it on his head. Also, he cleaned the toilets himself with the scavengers. But when Baba Saheb Ambedkar gave an idea to reimburse the Dalits to the main stream by a reservation for a short duration of time, he rejected it out-rightly.

He also with the Ali brothers started the Khilafat movement, so as to try and bring Hindus and Muslims together, but most of his symbolism was inspired by Hindu texts. Also he preached non-violence all his life but in the end he also in 1942 started Quit India Movement with the motto of “Do or Die”.

I would leave the rest to you.



  1. Wish u sounded like a school guy 😀 u’re too matured thought wise and that has forced me to express my view point … wherever you are questioning Gandhi are the only places I being an Indian of secular thoughts would support him.. Reservations for Muslims or Dalits meant nothing but categorization…. and thats what we are suffering now .. while u mentioned the Khilafat Movement nitty gritty , u should also be well aware of facts why was he assassinated . It were few hindus who slowly developed the feeling that he was being partial towards the Muslims of the times …. U should read ‘why I killed Gandhi’ and then probably few questions would be answered. While, I loved most of the arguments on the article , I also felt you should have justified the matter by bringing forth both the faces of coins ! What has happened in today’s India is all because of privelges to certain sects of people on the basis of religion and/caste ? why ? It created bigger rifts between Hindus Muslims Sikhs and Christians and Dalits , Brahmins and divide them to all other sub-sets we know !
    As far I have read Gandhi through writers of the times … I can say .. the politically incorrect man … who chose Nehru as the heir (God knows why ) had few ideas perfectly placed for a secular India .. no reservations for anyone ! Today we have reservations and thats how the difference still exists and people fight over religion and caste … Its too late ….and only literacy can bring the stability of humankind in this land of India…. At the end,be a dalit or a brahmin or an Ansari or Khan , a shiya or sunni , a catholic .. whatever ….. all are human first … religion and caste should not be an Indian’s , a human’s first identity…. coz at the end God is one … names are different …. He is one for all! Thats the only thing Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was perfectly right about !! Baba Saheb Amedkar ? Have u ever noticed following writings of those times,had he done anything to free India or for the betterment of dalits who take him as God now ? Well,history of India post independence is the only reason why we still have riots … and honour killing !!
    Nice post !! find me as a regular visitor when its about Indian politics … 🙂

    • I know what you are saying is true, moreover I am myself against reservations. I am a kashmiri pandit myself and kashmiri get some sorta quota but I have made very clear that I wouldn’t take admission on it. And this was just an article from one of the point of view. But it is true that it the un-seculiarism of Indians that has cused all the ruckess, I mean there are votebanks of different religions and castes.
      And please I am tired of telling people, I am not a guy

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