Many times when we are irritated, we just randomly throw the phrase ‘I am at the end of my wits’. Here is a poem that has some of those situations in our lives that make us go nuts.

I am at my wit’s end,images (2)
When, to me my friends send,
Messages that are full of shorthand,
Whereas I have told them that I had no clue what they meant.
When, without my consent,
Someone ransacks my room’s content.
When, judges on reality shows point out all faults in their comment,
Then tie a ribbon with a silly compliment.
When, someone honks incessantly and is belligerent,
At a jam packed road’s bend.
When, it is the last ball of the game
And you know, it could make or break the same,
The bowler bowls, it is in the air,images (3)
And the power goes because there is a fault somewhere.
When, he says be on time please,
And is himself late, and seems completely at peace,
He begins without stating any reason or rhyme,
As if what he did was less than a crime.
When, till the end, I watch a movie or a show,
So that it’s suspense I would know,
And it turns out whoa,
It is something like why does it snow.
When for the fifth time I tell him 2 + 2 is four,
And he says, sis please once more.
When, they know I can’t eat today,
And my friends, will talk about food all the way.
When, you remember your wife’s birthday,
And then realize, oops! It was yesterday,
You buy an expensive gift,
And what you get is not dinner but a hot steaming rift.
On every other thing, you lose your mind
And you somehow unwind,
And you remember, there is an article to be penned,
I know it feels you are at you wit’s end 

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