Daily soaps consume a large part of the day hours and conversations of the Indian women irrespective of the fact that they are working or not. The ladies may not know how many times did Md. Ghori invade India but they know how many wives does the lead of their favourite show has. Faiths, religions and loyalties, drilled from the childhood are transcended when it comes to the daily soaps. Unlike English shows that sir for about a month every year, producers of the Indian shows need to have the determination and pockets deep enough to fuel the shows for about 3-4 years 5-6 times a week.

Those women who do not work have an excuse of  not having anything to do but the Indian TV industry has managed to capture the imagination of well educated professionals. They expectantly wait for the clock to strike so that they can watch their favorite shows. It escapes me as to what compels the women to watch these shows. The best explanation I came up with was that the women idolize the heroines of the shows and would want their lives to be like that of their favourite heroines. They would want their lives to be replete with all they see with the heroines. The most important not being acting but the clothes and jewelry.

I am usually chided for being too English in my choice on TV but I have simple explanation, whichever show it is the story line does NOT CHANGE. What you need is:

  • A hero and heroine that somewhat dislike each other in the beginning and then slowly fall in love.
  • A villain, usually the mother or the sister in law of the hero.
  • One of the leads will have a higher status in the society.
  • The family of the hero or the heroine will have someone who is deranged to provide an alternate route for the story to progress when the main story doesn’t have anything new.
  • Either protagonist will have a secret that they hide from the spouse, fearing that they would “break their heart”.
  • If the secret involves a person, he/she would come back to give the leads to give a hell ride.
  • Every episode uses at least 1 ltr of glycerin.
  • The hero has to marry minimum thrice.
  • Heroines are selfless and even if they discover a discrepancy, they won’t tell because they are good and wouldn’t shame the wrong doer.
  • The villain will have a strange background music played at each entrance.
  • And each times everything falls into place, a new problem raises its head.


But the determination and talent of the story  writers in commendable. They manage to round off even the most absurd twist in the story, at the edges and make it seem plausible and try to present something new to the audiences.


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