Most critics did not give Chennai Express really encouraging reviews, reason: Shah Rukh Khan tried to break out from the cast that had been set for him over these years. and yet defying all odds Chennai Express became the fastest entry into the coveted 100 Crore club of Bollywood and is well on its way to cross 200 Crores. it even took me a few days to digest what I saw, something so different from the normal SRK image, the perfect romantic hero that he is,  but then I realised that he started his career with similar roles in movies like Yes Boss and Bazigar and they were blockbuster hits. The movie before the intermission is a Rohit Shetty movie (Director)  and after it becomes the Shah Rukh Khan movie.

What rather what surprised me, even though I believe that those who can’t excel in their fields become critics, but this was rather surprising. People compared Chennai Express to DDLJ. Those who don’t know DDLj it is Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jaenge (The Lover Will take his bride). A movie that transcending all boundaries became one of the most loved and watched movies till date.  More so, since its release it is still running in a few cinema halls since its release. It is a movie of the era when melodrama dominated the silver screen. And now movies are somewhat of a break from the hectic schedules that make them laugh.  And pretty much in my case, even though there is a shortage of time anything for SRK movies.

Agreed that SRK is not that young to perform energetic dance numbers but we are forgetting the fact that the he(and Pierce Brosnan) still can mae any girl go weak in the knees just with the look of his eyes let alone moving the body for dance. Moreover, as I mentioned before, Rohit Shetty influenced most part of the movie i.e. slapstick comedy and spoofing around. Eg.: When he helps Deepika Padukone on to the train, he says “It’s alright, I have done it before” referring to DDLJ or the repetition of the line “Goa is on’ made me go nuts and the friends they showed, agreed not a very important part but hey the person is SHAH RUKH KHAN.


My favourite part is after they reach that Vidamba village and the ceremony for the newly weds, ‘Banke titli’ song and rest of it was just like a teenager’s fantasy. The songs were just perfect and set the right mood. After all of it, the only dialogue that actually surpasses the effect the line “My name is Bond” has was when SRK said “I love her”  and I rarely go that mushy-mushy but it was awesome and very rainbow-y.

Mr. Shah Rukh Khan, if you every find this, just know that atleast there is one fan that will always like your movies.



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