I remember how frenzied I was in the month of November last year and the day the movie released I was dancing with happiness and overjoyed to the see such wonderful reviews and an unprecedented box-office opening. I rarely used to reach my morning classes on time but on the day of its release in India not only did I wake up early but also reached my classes 15 mins before, because the movie theater which showed it in English was on the way and I was scared that all the tickets will be sold.  I was so angry on one my favourite radio jockeys who just gave it 3 on 5, so much so i would have killed them. But now that I downloaded it from the internet and saw it again and was not that intimidated by it that much or the way I enjoy seeing Die Another Day again and again.

It is pretty dark and drab after the interval, infact it justifies being a Bond movie in the first half only. The grandeur of a Bond movie, quick wits of our dear Bond and the funny one liners were all missing. I understand the fact the movie had to provide a platform to shun out the old M and usher in Ralph Finnes, but it could be done in a less Gothic manner as well. Daniel Craig’s casino Royale was much better than this.  Much more lively and engaging. There was a customary game of shooting but again so boring and uninteresting.

In my case, the first half is very promising and Bond like but then, delving into the life of Bond, the movie becomes like the Bond, Daniel Craig has created for us, a far call from what Pierce Brosnan had painted for us, reserved and overly self indulged. Many say, he takes you back to Sean Connery days, I was not a Connery fan so much, but still for me Daniel Craig puts up a more convincing performance and seems more suited to the role.  He carries himself with a marred suaveness, yet his dialogues bring back tiny vestiges of Roger Moore days.

The only thing that one may like about the second interval is the Car, Aston Martin DB5, more so because I won betting on the fact that it was shown in Goldfinger and when James threatens to ‘eject’ M out of the car. The Q, so young, I mean Bond himself is shocked such a sudden change from Desmond Lewylen. Of course, he is shown so intelligent but some roles and the authority they have better remain untouched.

Not that I am out rightly against what was shown in the movie but yes it could be better and probably it rid more on the fanbase, which includes me as well, rather than the hyped story and screenplay. In a nutshell when I compare it with other movies I feel its not on that level and does not you know entertain you that much.


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