Anand Thyagrajan called his mom, “Ya, mom I am alright and the flight has landed as well. We are soon going to the apartment hired for us by the company don’t you worry Ma.” Nitin Gill said something same to has wife and then questioned the lost Mira “You not going to make any calls”. “Yeah, will do”. They did not know about the bigger apprehensions she was dealing with. She was scared that any Britisher if ill-treated her in matter of her antecedents, she might leave London without a job. An otherwise calm and peaceful mind once she got angry she was the epitome of Hell Hath No Fury. It was a tough and go just three months yet she did not feel good about it.

“Dad, is this office, getting smaller each time I see it or i it just me.” “No son, we are hiring new staff as we speak, the office space i falling short I know. I was thinking of calling up the architect”. “You are still thinking and wasn’t the Indian team supposed to land today ?”. “Yes, Sir”, said Martha, William Westland’s assistant. “What are their names again?”. “Anand Thyagrajan, Nitin Gill”, said Martha Simmons with her southern drawl. “Let us hope, they are not too touchy on pronunciations”.  “They are even sending a rookie sir, Mira Pirzada”. “Got a regal ring, don’t you think, Dan ans well don’t worry Whitaker will deal with them and report to us”. “What I am thinking is that what has happened to Roy Miller that he is sending a newbie, in any case, I gotta go, bye dad, good day Mrs. Simmons.


Three weeks into the new office, Mira was having fun, after all people there were not like what she had thought they would be. Nice, sweet, helping, accommodating, keeping in mind the fact that her two Indian comrades need guidance even to go to the nearest grocery store.  That day when she thought of going to the nearest Walmart to get some tomatoes, the boys asked “How do you know where to go?”, negligent of the present day technology as they were, she had to show them the route on her smartphone.

But today, she was upset, the clause she had worked on, expending 3/4 th of her Sunday was being slashed off and she wanted an answer but as it seemed her boss wasn’t in a mood to give one. “The clause is important and you can’t just remove it”. With his beer belly and slick hair, Peter Ravengaurd said” I feel it will be harmful, so it goes”. “It is not up to you, it is important, don’t you get it, Sir”.”You keep your volume low Ms Pirzada, this is a corridor, not a fish market of your land”. “Sorry Sir, but it’s removal can cause a great loss to our client”. “You don’t get it or what, I decide what is important and what is not”. “Dammit, I spent My Sunday and on it and that what makes it important, do you get it”. “Well, lady even dogs follow orders better, Oh and well that reminds me that you belong to that same class”. That was it. The hot coffee in Mira’s hand found it way easily on the face of Ravengaurd. She held him by his collar, slapped thrice and would have broken the mug on his head but Whitaker came to his rescue.  “You are fired, bitch.” said Peter. “As if I care, well Mr. Whitaker I hope you company will be in a position to fight on two flanks, your employee made racist comments and well you are firing me without a 90 day notice”. Then she smiled, and Whitaker with a resigned gesture of his hand asked both the parties to go in their respective offices.

Daniel watched all of this standing at the door of the office. She was beautiful in a very different way. He had gone out with many different women since his school days had some of them had been top models but she just perused above all of them. Albeit, right now, she was angry as hell, yet she carried herself with such grace, almost regal. An unstoppable force was coursing through her body which gave a vibrant glow to her face. She just needed a tie to complete her immaculate James Bond like appearance. Even with such manly attributes, Daniel suddenly knew that she had a completely different side to herself that was compassionate, selfless and caring. “Sir, Whitaker has broken the fight” . “Huh, yeah well where do I have to sign?”. “Here, sir”, mentioning to the bottom of the page. “Who is she” asked a rather ecstatic Daniel.  “Sir, she is on of the Indians, Mira Pirzada , Sir”. Now, he knew, why his dad felt that name would be related to something royal. But what he did not was that he was falling in love.

(You can catch the story from the beginning on my once upon a fairy tale page)


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