She was siting in her favourite corner of the cafeteria, eating the ripe tomatoes coated in spices that had off-late become her lunch. A loss of an inch at her waist propelled her all the more to eat tomatoes the way she actually liked them. Suddenly a young man 28-29 came up to her table. His walk and mannerisms spoke of money, elegance in slightest movement of the hands.

“Is this seat taken?”. “Well no but….”. And he took it while expressing his gratitude. She surveyed the room, a few chairs here and there were empty but were with groups that regularly sat on their respective tables, which meant he wasn’t part of any of them and she had also not seen him so he had deigned to sit in the common cafeteria. She did not notice anything further or she would have realised that almost half the eyes int the room were staring at the her and encouraging the other half to do so. She settled back into her seat and finished her lunch and went back to her work station and as she later came to know the man was staring behind her.

“How was it?”, asked Anand. “how was what Anand?”, she asked back. “Don’t pretend you don’t know anything.”. “I don’t know Anand, please enlighten me”. “Don’t tell me you don’t know you don’t know with whom did you share your lunch table today”. “The guy looked familiar but I was not able to remember who he is”.  “Well, now you wanna behave that ways, your wish, he was Daniel Westland, the Daniel Westland”. “Oh, well I’ll say hi to him tomorrow, happy, now I have got wok to do.”

She said that only to shut Anand up. Poor Daniel came and sat everyday for a week across Mira but she didn’t even say a word. But, Daniel did not such patience, “You either believe that novels talk or humans don’t”.

“Sorry”. “Well you should be, I have been sitting across you for a week now and you did not speak even a word”. “I was checking how long could you hold fort Mr. Westland”. “Huh, what?”. “If you would have been an arrogant spoilt brat, probably you would have gotten me thrown out of job for ignoring you, but you did not means you are a good boy”. “So, are you free tonight to go out wit this good, sweet boy”. “That is why they call you all business, have a good day Sir”, and with that she left the table.

In the evening a mail from the boss told her that she might have to stay late to get some job done, while she was at it, suddenly a figure towered above her, “You did not answer my question”. She took a few seconds to realize what had just happened, “You are weird”, she said with a tinge of irritation. “You did not tell me that you will come tonight or not”. “I have work Mr. Westland, for god’s sake, it is your own company’s work, wait, is it you who made all of this happen, how mean could you be”. “No, no, you are getting it all wrong I did not do it”. “So why are you here?”. ‘If you don’t know, my dad owns one of the largest hotel empires in the world, I also have work to do. I thought that the talks in the office of you being mean and rude were rumors but probably not, you really find it difficult to make friends don’t you”.”Please, Sir I need to submit this tomorrow, so if you don’t mind can I get back to it”, she said looking at him with fierce eyes. “I don’t know how people get scared of such gorgeous eyes”, he said winking at her and left.

Back at her place she sat down to beat coffee with hand, she preferred it that way and thought. Rude and mean she, she wasn’t even arrogant, well may be a little, but never to the extent of hurting someone. She ofcourse liked things, if they went according to her, who didn’t but she always took the opinion of everyone involved. He was the one being mean, forcing her to go out. Did he FORCE her? Well no but pressed when she had expressed her disinclination. Was it really difficult for her to make friends, was he just being nice to her and she was unnecessarily expecting foul play.

Next morning she went up to the office of Daniel Westland to give him a piece of her mind. She knocked and entered and began without any prologue, “I don’t find it difficult to make friends”. She put forward her hand, “Hi, I am Mira Pirzada”.


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