Well he wasn’t that bad. Never tried to take advantage of his position. But they never talked to each other at the cafeteria, she pretended to read her novel and he read his e-mails on the mobile. So soon the employees lost masala to gossip.  This went on for about three weeks, then Daniel plucked up the courage to ask her out again. “I had gone out one day on my own but the food they serve is atrociously bland for my taste buds. I cook it much better myself. ” “You cook?”, he looked at her suspiciously. “It might be a little harsh on your tongue but”, and she grinned. “I am a hotelier, and food is something we do serve at our hotels, you see and each of them is tasted by the board before it gets a yes to be added on the menu. “Alright so stop by this Sunday, Anand and Nitin are going to see some match, so we’ll have he house to ourselves” 

She cooked the best of her dishes as if trying to impress in a Masterchef audition.  Only her cake was left which she thought would taste best when served fresh. So she put it in the oven and set the timer for a nice 45 min. The bell rang. There he was standing on the door, smiling at her, with bottle of wine. She showed him in but couldn’t help noticing how normal he was, even though he came from a lot of money. How flawless and humble, he was actually coming down to dine with her. 

She always worked in kitchen with her mp3 player connected to speakers gently playing Hindi music. She went to switch it off, he told her that there wasn’t any need. She brought the starters and he did nothing but say some form of tasty on each bite. Then came the main course. All of it was Indian, but he couldn’t help relishing the taste. Then when she got up to put the dishes back and switched the timer on, Mamma Mia began playing and she just danced around a bit and soon was joined by Daniel. They danced their heart out, the songs changed, some Hindi Some English but they went on.

Suddenly her arms came flailing, bounced on his head and rested on his shoulders, she laughed. “You look beautiful when you laugh, you should do it more often”. She laughed again, but when she looked up, the words froze in her throat. His eyes were intently gazing at her, looking at something deep inside her.

He did not know what he was doing. He felt possessed by that beautiful face of hers. He had not realised how much he loved her till today, how much he wanted to find her on his bedside every morning when he woke and sleep while breathing in the sweet smell of her hair. His arms clenched her waist and soon they weren’t dancing to the music but to the rhythm of their hearts that rose and fell together. She felt embarrassed that she was enjoying this, she knew him for just a month.  But the energy in the air pushed all of these thoughts out of her mind and she resigned to the passionate gaze, reciprocating it submissively. She hated taking anyone’s help but even the next step was seemingly difficult without him.  She brought her arms down on his chest and felt the strong muscles beneath his shirt, that gave her the sense of security in his embrace. 

She was feeling dizzy when he suddenly brought her closer, bent his head to kiss her, her heart raced and fingers dug into his chest and pinnnggg……. went the oven timer. 


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