I don’t remember seeing friends for the first time on television, it was an eternity ago but I know that I have come to love it all the more each and every day. It is a show completely different from the normal Hindi or for that matter English shows. My other favourites have been Castle and Desperate Housewives, but this show connects to you at a completely different level. It just feels very innocent, pure and untouched. The fact that come what may we will be together attitude is actually made the show what it is.

When I used to just catch a few episodes here and there, I immediately saw myself as Rachel and Ross to be the perfect guy on earth. But when I decided to get the show from the beginning, I connected more with Monica Geller. The I am always correct and I can’t lose is played to the tee by her. As I already stated, watching the show from the beginning, I learnt new things about the show and life. Chandler Bing is such a kind hearted and happy go lucky fellow and his one-liners are perfect, it is pretty strange that his relationships never seemed to last. Probably I am talking more from Monica’s angle, but hey isn’t he cute and whether he suits up or not, he does look cute, especially when he laughs. I was really not able to put a face to my character Daniel Westland but he might look like Mathew Perry and be modeled on Chandler Bing.  He is so great, even though I know the fact that he has went to rehab for drug problems but, his character appeals for his goodness. Joey and Phoebe have played dimwits so wonderfully well that even if we see them these days on TV, you take that role to be an idiot, like in Charlie’s Angels I thought that Matt LeBlanc is there just to be a stupid womanizer but he wasn’t well.

And the name. I found on wiki that, it was originally, Six of One, then later Friends Forever, and finally came down to Friends, probably the simplicity and uncomplicated nature of the title added to the charm of the show. I mean I could not find a better title for this article. The name is so ambiguous, not giving anyone importance yet including the ensemble. I am writing about the series almost 10 years after it’s series finale says everything. How many Castle, Modern Family, Desperate Housewives, How I Met Your Mother come, Friends will remain what it is for years to come.

I also read on Wiki that the cast on the show had become like a family, probably the secret to their on show chemistry. In season 6 Episode 1, everyone had “Arquette”, added to their surname referring to the wedding of Courtney Cox to David Arquette. The daughter of Courtney Cox is god mothered by Jennifer Aniston. The special guests on the show including Ben Stiller and Brad Pitt have felt left out on the show.

I have seen till season 6 but couldn’t help finding what happens in the end but reading that made me sick in the pit of my stomach. It is the best sitcoms of all times, it just couldn’t end.  My most favourite dialogue has been when in season 5 Chandler wanting to make up for his idiocy in his fresh relationship with Monica and he thought after seeking advice from Ross and Joey, Monica says “Two divorces and Joey”. And the the theme song is the icing on the cake, you know rounding it off at the edges.

The show’s movie was cancelled on the grounds that the show is about the time when your friends are your family, agreed, but what I can’t agree with is less is what comes after and that is that when you are settled, friends aren’t needed anymore. The special bond these friends share, given the fact that 4 of the 6 marry each other, how can you keep from them.  Even  if they get into relationships within the group or outside it, no love is lost between the members of the group. It shows friendship just the way it is supposed to be, selfless, caring, always hoping for the best for others, no secrets and no strings attached.


5 thoughts on “F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

  1. I see you’ve done quite a research on the subject pretty much what I did when I finished watching the series. And seriously, there is nothing better than the one liners of chandler and especially that ‘oh my god’ expression which chandler gives after seeing janice.
    Man! Got drowned in emotions..hehe
    I still blabber like a kid when it comes to friends. Such is the impact!!

    • I got this poster that has all the great dialogues of friends on it in speech bubbles. Each dialogue I read I read it with the same emotion I saw on the saw and man it is always fun. I haven’t been able to watch the last episode ever again, it is a literally heart breaking. Now I am going into the ‘I love friends’ zone. *reminiscing sigh*

      • Haha..it’s always heart breaking to see the last episode. But then, why see the last episode when you have 9 seasons and 16 episodes of fun.. 🙂
        And, can i see that poster you’re talking about??

      • I don’t know if I can attach images on the comment. But it is basically lots of speech bubbles with lots of quotes. I love looking at it. I just look at the quotes, think of the scenes, laugh and basically make my mom think I am crazy.

      • No worries.
        And yeah, I can connect with that last part because when I watch friends I tend to do some pretty crazy mimicries, improvisations and all. So, I guess I’ve been there.

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