Chapter – 6

She cried inconsolably. The guards, though reluctantly told her to leave the premises. She got up, picked and her purse and began to leave. ” Mira”, she heard her name. She turned back. Nothing. She realised it was her imagination and was probably tired. “Mira”, she heard again, but this time decided to ignore it. “Hey stop there, Mira”, that was a pretty long sentence for her imagination, she turned and there he stood, with a puzzled expression on his face, an overcoat in one hand and a duffel bag in the other, “I thought it was you, what are you doing here?”. “Daniel”, she hugged him nice and tight”. “I just realised what it was, it’s a love knot and I was dumb or rather an idiot to not realise this and taking my own sweet time.”. He was still a little shaken from something but Mira continued without a pause. “I am a fool yes, but please don’t go away like that”, she looked up and said,”I love you too”.

When Daniel was sure that she was done, he asked “What did you just call me?”. Now it was Mira’s turn to be confused, “No, no you are getting it all wrong, I am the idiot I did not say anything to you”. “No before you broke into your fit of words, you said a name”, did Daniel. “I called out your name Daniel, that is it right”. He let that duffel bag and the coat fall, grabbed her and kissed her deeply and passionately as if he did not yearn for anything else in the world. She today did not actually care for anyone around her and knew that even if she would fall, he was there to hold her.

Everyone around became a little uncomfortable, save one “Congratulations bro”. Daniel looked up, “James, what are you doing here”. “Does it really matter now ?”. They bear hugged, “And I might say that you are more beautiful and bold than my friend here had described you, Jamesson Rook by the way”. “Who doesn’t know you Mr. Rook, flying off to Australia are we”, said Mira. “And informed might I add”, said Rook. “My girlfriend here knows more about you than me.”. She felt elated on these words. “I survived four years of college with him you see, he is like my brother”, said Daniel. “Well brother or not, I am a big fan of your work Mr. Rook”. “Oh please it is James” said Rook.  “”Don’t bother, she took my first name for the first time today”. They talked for some time and then they asked for his leave.

“Ofcourse, moreover, I couldn’t see that face tear streaked anymore”, said Rook pointing towards Mira. But then she thought some thing and said, “Wasn’t your flight and 11:55, you would have missed it, oh my god , I am so sorry”. “You found me at 12;10, honey, my flight got delayed and I did not know that because I was listening to music and I went to check in at the time for the bus, but now who cares for a silly flight when I have you”. “You know what wasting a Rs. 74000 British ticket then throwing such a cliche qualifies a s a crime but now it is kinda cute”.

Then they left for Mira’s home.


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