She was getting promoted. She came to know about it 3 days ago. She called Daniel to give him the news. She didn’t know the time of her arrival in London, but with the tickets in hand, it was the first thing she did. And her a limo pulled outside the airport to pick her up. She showered and had her breakfast and left for office. She greeted her new staff and her new secretary, who was asked to show Mira to her new office. The corridor that went up to her office smelt like a thousand roses and before she comment that her secretary used a very effective perfume, she opened the door of her office and there sat on her table a huge bouquet of roses neatly arranged in concentric circles of red, yellow, pink, white and a singular blue rose in the centre. The card with the bouquet said

“Red roses to confess my love,

Yellow to wish you success in your present and future ventures,

Pink to wish that may you always be in the pink of health,

White to say the peace and tranquillity may always be with you,

And blue, well because blue is your favourite colour

Love Dan ”

She was overwhelmed by this gesture of Daniel. She went to his office and asked his secretary if he was in “No ma’am, but I hope you liked the roses”. ” You know about them?”, asked Mira. “We had to deal with the roses here in the office because we did not want Mr. and Mrs Westland to know about this”, replied the secretary. “But I must say you are very efficient arranging all of this in just 2 days”. “Two days!?, that blue rose took three weeks to procure ma’am”. “3 weeks huh” was all she said.

After 15-20 minutes Daniel arrived into his office and where he had expected to see a happy girlfriend he was met by her murderous stare,”Seems like the white roses weren’t good”, he tried to be jovial. She got up and kissed him and said, “No the flowers were wonderful but I don’t like beating about the bush, you knew about my promotion since long which makes me think that you had something to do with it”. “Why would I do anything you are wonderful at your job”, “And that is why I know you are lying, the blue roses are not easily found you see”. “I thought it will make it easier on you and me moreover they were alredy considering you I just gave them a push”. “Well if that is the case I am not taking the promotion, Dan it has been 8 months and you didn’t realise that I wouldn’t like this, I believe Rook knows me better and the lines also were probably his idea”. Daniel knew that both the statements were true.

Over these 8 months not only had Mira and Daniel come close but she and Rook had become like brother and sister. They checked each other regularly and shared almost everything and Daniel was happy about this as well. Rook had been a sweetheart. She also tried to return the gesture. Like when it was Rook’s birthday, Daniel decided to give him a pen that was pretty expensive. Mira considered it to be a cliché. She knew about the detective, Evelyn Rivers, he was following for his next report. So she knew that the best gift would have been a bullet proof vest that said ‘WRITER’ and a botlle of a pretty old wine, which Rook was a fan.

And so she knew that this was the best way to torture Daniel for what he had done, “I am going to New York”.

When she entered his lavishly adorned loft in a skyscraper of New York, his mother opened the door, she was a bit stunned.  Rook was wearing a paraphernalia on his body that culminated into a gun that looked like a laser and it looked as if he was playing with his daughter Sophie and she said “That is why you are Daniel’s best friend “.


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