It had been 3 months since Mira had moved to her official residence and she and Daniel had patched on the condition that he would never do anything like this again. She did not want the benefit of being the boss’ s girl. It was thanksgiving today and she was at Jamesson’s place to enjoy some turkey. She and Rook turned out to be outright James Bond fans and were having a heated debate on who played it best. Rook was more Sean Connery and Mira loved Pierce Brosnan. Rook’s phone rang somewhere but he did not flinch. But when his mother said that it was Evelyn, he lunged towards the phone and answered it with such sweetness as if the debate had never taken place. And when he was done, Mira said “You love her don’t you?”. “More than anything earth”, replied Rook, “but it doesn’t matter anymore,  she’s moving to Washington”. “What”, Mira was shocked at how dumb could men be. “She collected her coat and began to leave,  “I realised that I didn’t get you guys’ thanksgiving gifts”.

She came back late in the evening and till then Evelyn had also joined them. She took Rook to one corner after saying her greetings, ” Would you marry Evelyn?”. “Ofcourse”. “I pretty much guessed that just remember it”. Rook did not pretty much understand it but she would have to mean something. They enjoyed the turkey over a few drinks and just talked about this and that and then they brought out the gifts. Mira had bought a beautiful white gold necklace with a nice pendant for Sophie and for Rook’s mother a ruby necklace but strangely for Rook, a women’s ring, in white gold and a huge diamond on it and for Evelyn, a pair of earrings that went with the ring. It took some time for Rook to realise what it meant but when she said “When she leaves”, everything was crystal clear. She was asking him to propose to her. He wasn’t sure but he did knew that this probably was his last chance. When she left, Rook offered to walk her down. He did not come up till about half an hour. In this time Mira filled the ladies with the information and practically held her breath. When he came back, she pounced on him. His face was sullen, she almost died. Then suddenly Evelyn came from behind and said “Thank you because I know him well enough to guess that this couldn’t be his idea,we owe you”.


The wedding was just 2 days away and Evelyn and Mira were at their fitting. Mira was done early, Evelyn was still getting her gown fitted. Mira started looking at a few wedding gowns herself. She found one that was just perfect, with arms and neckline made with a net like fabric,with embroidery of flowers and below that it was pretty much like a Victorian ball gown. She was mesmerised by it and decided to try it. She looked terrific in it, she was checking herself out in the mirror when Daniel came to announce that the men were done and would be waiting outside. But the only words that came out of his mouth when he saw Mira in the wedding gown were “I gotta go”. Mira ran behind him to explain the situation to him but he kept going and Mira was reminded again that she wasn’t made for skirts. Daniel did not take any calls not even Rook’s. Mira, Evelyn and Rook decided to wait for a day before taking any action. Mira blamed herself for everything, how could she not see that trying a wedding gown would freak Daniel out. After half a day, Rook went out to look out for him.

Finally Daniel came back in the evening and a Mira began explaining what had happened at the tailor’s. But Daniel just said that she had to understand that may be he was not ready and she should not try to rush things. She said that she completely understood his predicament and was just looking at the dresse, “I’ll go and call up Rook, he went out looking for you”. When she left the room,  Rook materialised from behind Daniel and asked, “Did she buy it?”. “Ofcourse she did”.


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