” I beg your pardon, I heard you want me to marry your daughter”. ” You heard it correct young man, that is exactly what I want you to do”. ” I am sorry I can’t do that”. ” Well then I can’t help you as well, Louise always dreamt of being your wife and as a good father I am going to give her what she wants”. ” I am not a doll that you can gift her and I am ready to do anything else but this”. ” I believe your mother will also approve of this match rather than that twinky of yours”. ” Mr. Armston, she is not a twinky and I love her and the last thing on my mind is whether my mom approves of it or not”. “Well then you should start thinking about it as well, you are thinking with your heart right now think with your mind, my offer is still open”.

Daniel stormed out of the office. He reached his office, on the table was a photo of Mira and him looking at each other, into each other’s eyes, another one of her laughing,  both of these captured at the right moments. He couldn’t do this to her, she loved and cared for him so much. Then Alfred’s voice resonated in his ears, “Think with your mind”. No that would be wrong , morally wrong. But he had already been bad to his father, should he do this to his mother, he of course was aware of his mother’s marked disdain for Mira, but he could manage it, couldn’t he?


Surprisingly it felt good to be back in New York and being among piles of files and spending the Sunday with Rook and Evelyn. Everything had taken the hit of the low stock prices and they seemed to be coping with the after effects. Especially, being away from the drab ambience in London was also good. She had also reduced her talks with Daniel so as to give him some time to get over the truth by himself.

It was Sunday again and as usual she was at Jamesson’s, the door opened by Evelyn. ” Hi”, said both. She hugged Rook and he asked “How is he keeping up?”, “Well he is fine as far as I know but he hasn’t let go of the black garb, moreover, I have not been able to reach him since this morning”. ” We both never work on Sundays”. ” Did you try his land line? “, “He has one?, I never actually knew that”, said Mira. ” Take the number”. She took it down and tried it. It connected in the first go. It was picked up by Mr Wayne, the Butler, “Hello Mr Wayne, Mira this side, I have been trying to reach Daniel since the morning, is he at home?”, “Oh yes mam he is”. ” Then could I talk to him”. ” In a few minutes mam, he is having lunch with his fiance”. ” Fiance, if this is a joke, then it is a very bad one”. ” No mam, it was all over the papers, he is engaged to Ms Louise Armston”.

(catch the story from the beginning on the ONCE UPON A FAIRY TALE PAGE).


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