We everyday lament the fact that India is facing a very big problem of unemployed youth. A youth that comprises majorly of skilled workers has to sit home due to either the capsizing economy or shortage of jobs, a direct consequence of the former. I well am not interested in telling what could be done to improve the situation, who am I to tell? But share some personal observations that I feel are just overlooked, might be the key to the problem. Children are taught Science, Maths and languages till they are in primary school, so as to provide them with a basic platform in order to be able to embrace the forthcoming education. Say grade 6 onward, the kid has a consciousness of what he/she is studying. Class 9 onward they understand the difference between, physics, maths and biology. Class 10 is the class when they are ‘supposed’ to have a fair idea of their calling. Class 11 and 12 are the most crucial years of their lives in which the best joke becomes the irony of life. A guy in class 12 asks his friend to suicide as they could not handle the studies. The other guy replies, rather sensibly, that they would have to again go through 14 years of education in the next life.

Barring the Convent schools and a few schools that do pay special emphasis on the English of the children, the amount of money being spent on the education being exorbitant yet unavoidable, we find children struggling with the basic sentence formation. They can’t even explain concepts in their own language, concepts at which they might be terrific. One always gets the sub text ‘Ponzi scheme’  on seeing ‘English Medium’. Later, such kids have to join, personality development classes to be able to present themselves in interviews for job, let alone working at a multi-national.

Some stats I read, India churns out 15 million engineers, every year!EVERY YEAR! I do get the point that India is an emerging economy, it needs people with a scientific bent of mind, but what do you do with those who don’t get jobs, don’t they add up into the list of dependents. Every parent in India thinks,  their SON will do engineering from IIT, secure himself a big package and they can go to Char Dham Yatra (Pilgrimage), OK may be marrying him first might be on their To-Do list as well. But will someone tell them that out of every 100 IITians, only 42 secure a job and only a small percentage get the coveted ones. It makes you think, are we living in a hoax? And the biggest competition is your neighbor’s son or daughter. The coaching centres have become, such a fulfilling business, every Tom, Dick and Harry can open one for himself, especially if you are an IITian yourself. Let me tell you something from personal experience, IITians are the worst teachers ever, WORST. They have this weird idea that every one at their centre has to have a brain like him. But then doesn’t it seem strange, cracking one of the toughest exams in the country, passing every semester, not with flying but at least grounded colors and then ending up being a teacher to create more and more of such examples.

People actually curse the CCE system, say that it has made students lethargic as they get free marks. For me if the implementation of the system is undertaken properly it would ensure that children grow up to be more mature and level headed than they actually are.

I realised that the Physics for class XI-XII is highly mathematical, which Physics always is, duh. But the Medical students have to study the same physics as Engineering aspirants, but by what measure is that correct? Many, actually join medical to leave Maths but it still finds it’s way to them. Then again, inclusion of chapters like vectors and 3-D in class 12 syllabus and logarithmic differentiation, commerce students would love to throw that book down the drain.

Then again, I filled the form for JEE MAINS, as if I care, and paid 500 Rupees for the form. I was looking at other forms like Narsee Monjee BBA, and one form costs you Rupees 1600, more than triple of it. It makes me feel that the entire god damned education system is rigged to make you an engineer, and with only 16000 seats available for 10 Lakh aspirants, your best chance is that one exam, and the less fortunate ones, who might not be able to afford the fee for that BBA form will be forced to go to some dingy little institute and pin their hopes to getting selected from the campus. How ironical is that situation when you monthly salary is almost equal to the money you gave as tuition fee in your college.

More so the next thing they know after IIT, if they know anything at all is, IIM. If you had to take up commerce, why the heck waste precious 2 years of your life preparing for cracking the entrance exam and then 4 more pursuing a degree that would just qualify you as a graduate. Silly, isn’t it?

If someone wants to do something ‘Hatke’ (different), in this country they have to think a 100 times. My best friend, philosopher (at least she aces the lunacy levels required to be one), my saving grace, wants to be writer, the one person who actually persuaded me to write my story of the fictitious characters of Mira and Daniel. Her sense of understanding the nuances of English are impeccable, though when it comes to Hindi she is pretty lost, took half a year to persuade herself and one whole in persuading her parents. Makes me wonder why, why does it have to be so cruel on those who want to be a bit creative and have the knack for it?

People have been making through this system for years now, going through the same grueling routine, but for me it has large scope for changes.



  1. The idea of education should not be preparing someone for a particular job. It should be to inculcate necessary learning that’ll find application in some or the other field he goes into in the future. Or forget that too, education should just be a tool that will provide someone with the joy of learning. While the topic of the article is surely a problem that is very persistent in the modern times, there are a few points in the post I found rather amusing. First, I passed out a year back and the placement rate in my college was little over 85%. Second, generalizing the whole community to be bad teachers just because of a few rotten experiences is quite harsh. Not all IITians are good teachers, but many of them do excel in teaching. I can safely vouch for this. Thirdly, learning is not time wasted. At the age of 15, one has to decide to study for entrance exams. The interests might change after ending up in college. Its anyday better to be a good ‘someone’ than a bad engineer. The learning during the course might supplement in some other endeavours in life.
    I believe for a change in the education system, liberal arts and commerce have to be developed as potential options, at par with engineering and medical streams. At present, the perception of an arts student is that he might have flunked in the engineering/medical entrance exams. The day weighing all these streams becomes equal, you might just find the system you are demanding.
    Sorry for such long comment. This topic is quite dear to me.

    • A few rotten experiences I tried Aakash, Fiitjee and VMC, on scholarship, nthree different and renowned coachung instis and felt that what they basically were doing was doing business, they don’t have enough rime to explain the xonceprs to you. If you went ro the page me and my blog you’d know that I am becoming a lawyer now, so why study IIT rightm I was told it’ll be a baxk up option. Even the back up option was engineering n not BBA or BMS. And learning, in my phy and chem practicals I wad given a sheet to copy from, and this happened with all the people I knew, ftom different schools. Indian parents don’t think it is wise to spend money and take your child to a career counsellor to find out ehat they should do, so even if you are a good someone without actually understanding or knowing what you are doing, doesn’t help. Being a CA was considered to be a great thing. Today those people who pass out as CA can’t make a simple debt credit entry because they were told that being a CA is simple.

      • Had a busy last week. Hence the late reply.
        I went through the same process as you did, through the systems similar to yours. I have many many friends who still yearn for the classes they had from some faculty in Kota or Hyderabad. I studied in a relatively unknown institute at the national stage but quite famous in my city, and I too miss the environment in those classes. The business mindedness of many classes is just sad, but there are many faculties who actually facilitate so that average people like me could enter one of the IITs.
        The answer again, is to create a parallel institutions in arts and commerce as IITs is to engineering or NLS is to law. There is an SRCC or a St. Stephens, but they are less. No person in nagpur would know about such places during his intermediate. Once the institutions come up and people are aware about the opportunities, things will fall into place. The glorifying of IITs comparing them to some heavenly place will only stop with coming up of such institutions. I wish the day comes soon enough, people judge each other by commitment and intellect, rather than the field or the college.
        Regarding career counseling, I have serious reservations about it. It is difficult to analyse a 15 year old based on aptitude and psychometric tests.Things I am good at not necessarily be the things I like.
        By the way, with interests like debating, history in your resume, I am actually glad that bad things happened to you during JEE preparations and you finally ended up at NLS 🙂 I am sure it is be a better home to you than the IITs could have been.

      • First no worries, you actually replied is good enough, second thanks for going to me and my blog. Thirdly I think so too that my iitjee preps got messed up I could have a good engineer but not a happy engineer. And by the looks of it you are an iitian too. God how does it feel like being there. Trying to be the besy among the best, though I totally detest that the best people go to iit but well. Yes many teachers do facilitate like my tuition teachers were the best in the world. Thorough in their subjeccts and woth a certain patience and not high on their years of experience but I was lucky to get such teachers amny people are not. And many teachers at coaching institutes do help yoj but if they see a spark not every tom dick and harry. Sorry for being so cynical but but that si howmthings were with me tk give such a strong I want to say loathe for engineering and all related fields. My biggest fear is the man I fall in love with will be an engineer. Surpringly, today my jee mains rank was to be published. 😀

  2. A little cynicism has to be incorporated in every comment of yours, eh? 😛 Let me tell you some of the perks of dating an engineer. You’ll pakka change your views after reading these, or least give a chance to one if such a time comes
    1. We defend vehemently for the things that we have an opinion on (which includes a big spectrum, technology to sports to public policy). But there is absolutely no way that we can win against a lawyer. So, you may enjoy a good debate and eventually get the things done according to you! To always have an upper hand, that’s such a luxury.
    2. Engineers are minimalists : This has mostly to do with living four years in a godforsaken place away from the main city. No overdressing pain, no high funda make up pain. A simple smile is enough to get them smitten. Just calculate the time you’ll save on those dates.
    3. Again, the bread and butter for engineering days was pulling each others legs. You can do the same to an engineer and still be sure that he wont get offended easily. Oh, and get ready to be teased, a lot!
    4. No bullshit around not giving enough time: We understand the need of going to ones friend circle every now and then. So, when you feel like going on a vacation with your college friends or spending up a friday evening with them, be assured that there wont be any bugging around from his side.
    5. There is absolutely no time in the world that we cant fit ourselves in. Whenever you feel the need to talk to one, he’ll be there for you.
    (Proof: I am writing this at 4:30 am despite the fact that I have a meeting early morning in office 😀 )
    I rest my case, my lord! 😛

    • Aw now I maybe would like to meet one, not that I can still trust an engineer thoroughly but ok may be. And 4:30 am that is very thoughtful and well chivalrous of you, well in my context atleast, a quality rare in men these days. You and your writing are both deligjtful and will surely make a lady very lucky some day. Besides, such good English from an IITian is more than what one can hope for.
      P.S. In my experience IIT students and students who become teachers have pathetic English. And I am talking about teachers in Delhi.
      P.P.S. I just went over the previous comments, I have typed so badly, whenever I write from my phone, this is what happens, really sorry, I don’t do that many typos usually. I am not used to typing on my phone you see, not too much practice due to messaging or other things like whatsapp and stuff.
      P.P.P.S. I rest my case my lord, seriously lawyer jokes!? I was the only girl, or rather student who has hone to a law school, from my batch in school, of almost 300 engineering inspirants. As as you have already put it, I have had my share of these jokes. My school friends, those with which I am still in touch with, have this thing. Whenever they do something and I voice my disapproval, they go oh wait she will ‘sue you’.

      • Haha .. actually I was a little confused between the usage my lord and my lady. To be on a safe side, went with my lord. Is there a separate title when it comes to women judges?
        Regarding the typos, I kind of figured that it’s because of the mobile keypad. No issues there. In most of the cases, I was successful in decoding what you meant in those sentences 🙂

  3. I agree with you, partially though
    First of all, education system should be such that it enables the children to think for themselves and what they should choose as a career. This is possible only when equal weightage is given to all the subjects. This is not the case, as we know. Teachers and society, in general are always inclined towards science and maths. Moral science is treated as bullshit. History is seen as mugging dates. So, the seeds of prejudice are sown at an early age. And, engineering I agree has become a ‘bhedchaal’ (as we call it in hindi). And, you know the irony, students are not at all interested in what they are taught as long as they get a “good” job offer. Their general sense – a 30000 job is always, always better than a 25000 one. And, this is the main reason why we don’t have researchers today, especially in engineering. A person who opts for an M.Tech is seen as if he didn’t get any job offer, so he went for a masters. So sad!!
    Secondly, please don’t generalise teachers on the basis of some bad experiences. I have a personal experience of having met some great teachers from IITs.
    On the whole, I think if we want to produce more quality than quantity, we need to look at the system seriously and from the bottom up because something really wrong is going on regarding education.

    • I have been asked not to generalise but I have have seen so many of them in so many coaching centres that I can’t help but do the same. It just hurts me, when people have to enter research, inevitably they go outside India and then we say why does India lack innovation. And everything in this country is job oriented, you would enter a course only if it promises a good job. The assumption that history is only about learning dates sort of expands and thus people don’t have respect for monuments. I want to kill the Pinky, Raju and Suresh whose love stories adorn the walls of these beautiful masterpieces. For that matter every time you go these places, half the times people are there only for getting photos clicked. Nobody ever goes into the story and how that monument came about. One needs to feel the history, it can’t be just about some stupid war over land, it is the story behind it. maths and Science, I don’t even want to go there. I don’t know why people think that those who take Commerce are stupid or you know don’t work hard. But you take Science and you are golden.

      • Yes, the perception is quite what you said. But, in a nutshell, it is the mentality that has to be changed and it will change only when the education system is unbiased.
        One thing, I never understand is the reason why those Pinky and Suresh express their love by scribing on a monument. It’s ridiculous!
        And regarding research, we seriously lack passionate professors and researchers (in many fields) in India. I wish we could change that.

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