I apologize for the absence, couldn’t help, exams. Well, not that they are over still one to go but Physical Education, seriously, who has ever really given a damn. Now coming to my topic, he’s the latest heartthrob of what looks like the world, is one of the most brilliant actors, I have ever seen, has the most sweetest smile, and well is Sherlock, yes, it is Benedict Cumberbatch. I was once just flipping channels, a few months ago and saw a show named Sherlock, now who doesn’t loved watching a little adventure of Mr. Holmes, but when I saw it, I realised that it is in the twenty first century, which intrigued me all the more. It was 2 hr episode, as all episodes are and I thought I’ll just watch it for 10-20 mins and then let go but such is the charm of the man, that I did not get up till it was not over yet wanting for more.  sherlock__steven_moffat_interviews_benedict_cumberbatch-2140489

As it turned out, I was watching the first season in 2013 about 3 years after its actual release date and there was already a season 2 in place. So the first and most important thing on my To-Do list became getting hold of the two seasons and then came the party treat, season 3. Then I decided to look up his other works, by then he had already become my knight in shining armor. Many actors actually get by their looks rather than any palpable talent, but he has done over 30 films and 17 plays, even won an Olivier with Johnny Lee Miller for Frankenstein. 

He has a knack for noticing the nuances of a character and enhancing them just enough not to over do them. His role as Julian Assange in the Fifth Estate, won him the critics’ regard, though the film might not have been a huge blockbuster. But, apart from Sherlock, where I liked him the most was Khan in Star Trek. I have never seen anything related to Star Trek or for that matter Wars. I saw this movie just for him. This wasn’t a character role for those who think that is only what he does. The anger and frustration over loosing his crew was so well portrayed. Then a marked shift from his usual highly intelligent and sophisticated roles, in August Osage County, a clumsy Little 10 year old boy in the body of a grown man. I initially couldn’t accept him but then he is so cute, you just cannot get enough of him. So does the paparazzi, these days. He has already become the cover of the Time’s international issue. 

He did become the star he is from Sherlock and joined the list of A-List actors of Hollywood, without much effort because most of his acting seems such. Seeing him in interviews on TV and reading articles, makes me believe that he is a very humble man who cares a lot about others. The fact that makes the most sad and that is he was in India for his gap year, Oh I wish, I had met him back then. He can just take up any role and make it his own, adds a little flavor with his highly expressive eyes and the eye to eye smile of his. He is the only Hollywood actor who managed to breach the wall that separated everyone who has played James Bond and the normal actors for me. 

All in all, he is hot, he is cute, he is sexy and is brilliant, he is BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH.



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