She was shocked and frankly wanted to just die but before kill Daniel for betraying her. Moreover he thought she wouldn’t come to know, dropping off like this from the network. She just once wanted an explanation, she knew he was not that kind. He loved and dammit she loved him, it was a little difficult for her to put it out there every now and then but that did not mean that she could be kicked away like a rag doll. She had stood by him in all his tough times and had shared all his joys and this is what she gets. Knowing her temper, the entire Rook family was maintaining  a safe distance from her yet had not left her alone mulling over her despair. She got up, “I am going to London”, no questions were asked and no propositions were made for her to stay and think with a clear mind. She was in an unspeakable agony.

She arrived there early in the morning, first stop, Westland Mansion. The sprawling lawns, colossal fountains and lawn ornaments and the castle like stand alone mansion could be spotted from a mile beyond it’s approach alley. All these had welcomed her into a plethora of happy and overwhelming memories but today, she was seething with anger. Her facial expressions expressing her anger and pain. She got off the taxi and composed herself. She knocked on the door. Mr. Wayne, opened the door, “Welcome Ms. Pirzada, I’d inform Mr. Daniel, that you are here”. “I’d rather go where Sir is, Mr. Wayne”. “Yes, Ma’am”. She was taken to the palatial living room where what she saw broke the last shred of hope. Daniel was sitting in a chair and Louise was on the arm, both were looking at wedding gowns and most shockingly, Daniel was seemingly happy. “Sir, Ma’am, Ms. Pirzada”. “Hey, how are you?”, Louise asked first. Daniel on the other hand froze. “I am perfectly alright ma’am”, said Mira lying in her face. “I just wanted to show some papers to Mr Westland, Sir could I see you in the study”, said Mira a bit authoritatively, and immediately realised her mistake, “If Ma’am has no problem”, “Of course, please I know Daniel, business always first, but don’t be too long”.

They headed off to the study. Mr. Wayne asked both if they wanted something, Daniel asked for cold water. After water was kept on his table,”Please close the door behind you Mr. Wayne”, “Yes, Mr. Westland”, and closed the door. When Daniel heard the definitive click, he took Mira in his arms and kissed her deep and hard. Mira pulled away and slapped him, “You are the worst man on this earth, Danial Westland. On one hand you are going to marry this woman, without giving a thought about me and now when you see me suddenly you feel all your feelings searing back”. “You have all the right to say all of it, I know I am a wretch, but just listen to me once why I did this, please you know how much I love you, please”. She nodded her head in silent agreement, “I am bleeding money and I needed a loan, the only bank willing to give me a loan is owned by Alfred Armston”, “The British Bank”, said Mira, and then it all made sense “But in return you have to marry his daughter”. “Exactly, I knew you’d understand”. “Understand, UNDERSTAND, you know what, I think Louise Armston does know you better than me , it really is business first for you Mr. Daniel Westland”, she took out her necklace that she had never taken out even once and threw it at Daniel and almost stormed out of the library. She saw, Louise was standing close. Daniel came behind her running and saw Louise and stopped in his tracks. “I forgot something, Mira, you see, I am not really happy with the last part of it, will you revise it and get it tonight and join us for dinner”. “That is a great idea”, said Louise before, Mira could refute the invitation, “We’d be waiting, we’d be delighted by the company”.

She unwilling accepted and waited uncomfortably for the night to fall so that she could just end with probably what was going to be the most difficult meal of her life.

(Catch the story from the start on the ONCE UPON A FAIRY TALE page)


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