MY 51st POST

How the heck did I get here??? I never thought I’ll be able to write one line let alone 50 whole posts, because I never was sure about what to write. I made the blog in 2011, on the insistance of a friend eho thought that I can write. But never actually wrote anything. I couldn’t think 9of anything to write. Then in 2013, when I was the second last year of my school, I was immensely frustrated and it seems nobody really understood that I hated physics from the bottom of my heart. For the first time in my life I couldn’t understand concepts, it had made my life hell. So one fine night when I couldn’t sleep, I had this wonderful idea of visiting that blog I had made. Do you know, how I thought of the title wunnerful? I had to write abook review for a cousin of mine, who is 5 years younger to me. Imagine I had to do his work, whereas it should have been the other way round!  But whatever, so I took out my dusty Enid Blyton novels, chose one of them and began reading it, and one of the characters is shown to have a foreign accent and spoke the word ‘Wonderful’ as ‘Wunnerful’ and somehow really liked it so I gave the same name to my blog.
But that night when I began writing I realised we have to give a name to the blog site and besides I thought what will I write about? Because when I looked aroind for inspiration, I saw most people had a theme, travel, food, technology, wines, books, movies etc but I didn’t have expertise in any of these fields ok maybe books and movies but that wouldn’t seperate me nor was I so well acquainted to the nuances of the language or the way of writing of different authors. So travel, well I have travelled  a bit but not with enough photos, I didn’t originally have a digital camera, but the old SLR of Yashica that once used to be respected brands in cameras.
So what do I write about became the question. Then came along the idea of writing about India, my homeland, about it’s vivid and eventful history, it’s dynamic present and well what I thought could be ideas for the future. So I started writing,  my first post called India, the country I love. Then I wrote something about the delicious food of the country and the thought struck, what if I get something wrong, that would we really bad now, wouldn’t it, then I treated myself to a new Nikon P500, nd went on a trip to Jhansi, Orchha and Khajuraho. Then I got down to writing about my experience in the three cities. Then I went to Amritsar, Agra, Jim Corbett and a few more places and wrote all about it.
When you imagine what could your life be, you always imagine it to be opulent, fancy and filled with joy and love. The best part about blogging is you get to write about your wierdest fantasies and nobody will judge but from my experience actually enjoy and appreciate it. So came my story, Once Upon A Fairy Tale. Also I am a crazy James Bond fan, so I could write about my favourite Bond movies, my most favourite dialogues and my take on whatever happened in the series and about it’s evolution,  oh wait I haven’t written about that! Slowly I thought if I could write about Bond movies why not about my other favourite Hindi movies and the wonderful Shahrukh Khan.
So I believe blogging is extremely healthy not only does it give you a platform to express but to be silly, be smart, be opinionated or have no opinion at all. Just be yourself and have NOTHING OBLIGATORY!!!!!!!!!



I realised that when you have a lot of holidays on your hand and are practically at home since a long time, as it turns out, you start running low on topics to write about hence I decided to make a list of my most favourite songs, Hindi and English. What was the criteria of the songs that make the cut?

  1. The lyrics should have a deep and a soulful meaning,
  2. The music should be peppy, ethnic Rajasthani, ethnic Punjabi,
  3. I also do like songs that are Sufi.

Hence, you can understand that you won’t find a Honey Singh song in this list. I never really understood the point of his songs. Seeing his fan following, in the light of his lyrics, I don’t really where are we as a society going with it. I actually felt good, when there was a ban on his making music, well whatever he makes, it is just obnoxious for me. Probably the only song, of his, that I liked was Lungi Dance, because it was a peppy number and well it was a Shahrukh Khan song. The lyrics never have a real meaning, just some gibberish that rhymes. Or the songs of Aashiqui 2, god, all the songs of that movie felt like a cat crying out loud, a cat in excruciating pain. So well here I go:

1. MAERI, By Euphoria: A band whose fan following is fast fading, but this one song that stands out in their entire career till date. It is a song that depicts the pain of a broken heart, very poetically indeed, to his mother. He longs for her, the way she took the veil on her head, the way she cried every time he was late, the way she danced and then basically everything about her. Many songs become my temporary favourites but this song is the one song that has never changed in favourites and probably never will.

2. WHEN ALL IS SAID AND DONE, Originally by ABBA, Part of soundtrack of MAMMA MIA: I never got a chance to hear the original version, but the one is Mamma Mia, is a great rendition. Sung by Pierce Brosnan and Meryl Streep. The song deals with the finality of life. When you have completed you responsibilities in life or as they say it in the song ‘When the dark clouds hide the sun’, you want to do nothing but ‘stand at the crossroads’ of life as see it as a surreal film.

3.I’LL BE THERE FOR YOU, By The Rembrandts: Every person who has ever seen the show FRIENDS, cannot possibly go without falling in love with the song itself. The song is itself the definition of friendship and how it helps you to overcome a phase in your life when your friend is your only family. You can be through any ups or downs with true friends and how your friend understands you more than anyone, probably better than you yourself.  With a friend yo can be yourself and know that they would never take offence, that well is the beauty of it.

4. TERI DEEWANI, By Kailasa: The band with Kailash Kher as the lead singer. Teri Deewani, is a song class apart. The songs, is written in the Sufi tradition, where the lover put her love at the position of god and compares loving him to praying to god itself. How she is engulfed by his charm and how she is almost crazy with happiness about being in love with him. She wants to expend her entire life for his happiness and how love knows no boundaries and cannot be confined.

5.SAIYANN, By Kailasa: Again written in and sung in Sufi tradition, It expresses how a lady feels about the person she loves. How she belongs to him and he to her. How she values their relationship more than anything on this earth. How she feels that her life is complete by just his presence in it.

6. SAJNA, By Euphoria: A man longs for the lady he loves, who is not by his bedside for some reason. He pines for her, tries to find her and when he fails, he remembers the feeling of being close to her, her touch, her eyes, her voice, every bit of her. His body and mind ache to meet her.

7. CHAUDHARY, By Mame Khan, Coke Studio: It is a song in pure Rajasthani language, hence one might have to make an effort to understand it. The village head falls in love with a young girl an he tries to woo her is what is depicted in the song. He tries to please her with treats like bangles but the only thing he wants her to do is show her face.  He then invites her to eat food with him enlisting really tasty foods that he had gotten prepared for her. A rather unconventional love story.

8. TU MANE YA NA MANE, By The Wadali Bothers: Two Rajasthani bothers whose mother tongue is Punjabi. The song is about a man telling his love that you agree or not, I am in love with you and treat you as god. Your love is what I need for my life and Your doorstep is my Medina.

9. MAST MAGAN, By Arijit Singh, Part of soundtrack of 2 States, the movie:This is the only popular Hindi bollywood song that made the cut.

10. LOVE STORY, By Taylor Swift: Well I don’t have to tell you about it do I.

I am not really a romantic at heart  but now that I see the list most are love songs, weird :P. But the other songs I also like are Lavni Vaja Ke Baari, a Marathi song, Joban Chalke, Kaise Main Kahoon, by Kaillasa, Everybody’s Got Somebody But Me, By Hunter Hayes, Happy, By Pharrel, I Can’t Keep It Inside,By Benedict Cumberbatch, Mera Murshid, Part of soundtrack of D-Day, Nahi Jeena Tere Vajjo, By Rahat Fateh Ali Khan.






















































































The date of the wedding was coming was coming nearer and the level of anxiousness in both Mira and Christopher was rising day by day. They wanted to do the ceremony in London itself but Mira wanted them to go to New York for one small but very important thing. They arrived at Jamesson Rook’s house late in the afternoon, the pleasure to see each other was heightened by the great news Mira had to share with him. She was getting married to Christopher. The only reason she wanted to come personally was as she wanted him to perform a task at the wedding, the task of giving her away. Mira’s was brought up by two very distant parents that only took interest in her well being until and unless it didn’t interfere with their work life, to which Mira attributed her work ethic. Hence, the only man fit enough to give her away was James. He has loved her like a sister he never had. Pampering her, consoling her and giving her a hefty dose of humour when she needed it.

“It has been a long time since you made me your pasta, please can you make it today?”, asked Rook. “Oh of course”, Mira happily obliged. When she was away from earshot, James said “You are a great man, accepting her for what she is”, “She is spectacular and I love her”. “But most men won’t have the guts to accept a woman that was their sibling’s girlfriend, and with Mira and Daniel, everyone who knew felt that they were meant to be together, but Daniel had to marry that Louise in order to save the business else today, she would have been you sister-in-law”. Now it all made sense to Christopher, he knew the woman Daniel had talked about had to be more dynamic than what Louise had been, something was amiss with her, he knew on the day they got married that she probably wasn’t the same girl. He now knew how much his brother loved Mira, she was with whom he had dreamed to spend his entire life. “Christopher”. “Yeah, I know”.

Today is the wedding day. She wore a white lace gown, embroidered all over with flowers, it was low cut and was flowy near the bottom. She looked nothing less than Artemis herself. She got ready, James’ wife was her bridesmaid. She walked slowly towards the altar, holding James’ hand. When she reached the altar, she pecked James on the cheek and stood their near his to be groom. The ceremony began and her groom lifted her veil, she looked, dumbstruck at his face, Daniel Westland stood beaming in front of her and when she looked at the best man, she realised it was none other than Christopher himself, he winked at her. In the extreme joy and shock of the moment she faltered a lot during the ceremony but when it came to the vows, she said them with sheer confidence and accepted Daniel Westland as her husband through the ups and the downs, through the good times and the bad, in sickness and in health.