He had the guns, he had the girls and he had the gadgets yet something went wrong with George Lazenby’s maiden outing as James Bond and made On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, one of the least liked Bond movies. I did not find the movie that bad personally, I found it better than Thunderball and You Live Only Twice. Well, I have always thought that Sean Connery should have given up after Goldfinger, he looked old and hence the lesser rankings to his movies. So I thought what could possibly let people not like a James Bond movie, which is saying something. It did not deviate from the normal rut. There is a villain with a maniacal plan to rule the world and there is only one man who can stop him: James Bond, 007. There were a lot of girls for Bond to fool around with yet………..

NOT SUAVE: Firstly, George Lazenby was not suave enough, which I do agree, Sean Connery was. The role comes with a demand of sophistication and a suave and debonair look, which Lazenby lacked. The same problem, for me, was with Roger Moore as well, but he had his boyish charms to overcome it all. His lanky built made him tower above all but not with grace. He did not inspire an awe that comes when you see Bond.

WARDROBE: Secondly, maybe the lack of suaveness was caused by a weird wardrobe.OHMSS George Lazenby Throughout the movie, he does not wear suits, James Bond without suits, doesn’t fit. Moreover, the Scottish dress made me fall off the bed laughing. Then, his acting that he was a professor and wearing those clothes also just didn’t add up. Because of his built, a lot of great clothes could have been put on him, but they weren’t.



DELIVERY: He spoke very dialogue as if he was speaking in a school on the stage. When he first introduced himself with the iconic line “My name is Bond, James Bond”, it was as if he was telling his teacher. Wherever there were smart quips or witty retorts, he said in a flat manner. This especially has been Roger Moore’s forte. The lines which were more sexy, even they were just dead lines, which particularly was done best by Pierce Brosnan.


imagesTHE VILLAIN: Again, James Bond villains are supposed to wreak of menace andimages (1) evil. You should feel that this man has as evil plot. But even this could not be achieved by the movie. Blofeld was practically short and sweet with a nice smiley face. It seemed that Madam Bund was the governess and Blofeld was the ward. His looks never had that terrorizing quality. In the later part of the movie, he looks especially funny.  Javier Bardem said that when he was in the process of shooting the scene of being in captivity with M and Bond (Daniel Craig) staring at him, an actor of his caliber, forgot his lines as he realised that he was a JAMES BOND VILLAIN.

THE PLOT: Bond getting married, settling down with one woman is an impossible idea in itself and then creating a movie of it :D. Moreover, the plan to control the world was to start with what , an atomizer, after all does a perfume bottle strike fear in you, even if you know it contains a deadly virus. There was no great climax fight, whatever happened on the sledge doesn’t qualify. It also did have some cool gadgets that Q gives to 007 or some great car, just James Bond doing something funny.


I have tried to think upon the pros and cons of the movie. Well yes pros, because, Lazenby wasn’t that bad especially when the heroine is hit your heart warms up to him when he says, holding the dead girl’s hand, “We have all the time in the world”.




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