“I do”.
Mira simply took to the bar, she wanted to forget every bit of the past year and a half. The feeling of his touch, how it felt when they kissed, the passionate love making, every thing that could plunge her into a dismal abyss. “So we meet again”, Mira lifted her head, Christopher was beaming up ahead, “But sex is off the table”, Mira gave a sharp look, “Bridesmaid, best man,  it is a bit traditional”, he chuckled. “But not obligatory”, she turned to her drink. “But we didn’t complete our conversation,  so how long have you worked with my brother?”, “About a year and a half, now can you leave me alone”, she said curtly,  “No you see, thd way my brother used to talk about his lady love, I never thought that he was talking about Louise, she is so well, h let her go, so you an alcoholic”, “No”, cringed Mira, “Then why are you here, shouldn’t you be at the table”, I’ll go when the ceremony starts and may be you could stop irritating me till then”, she said with a look that scared the living daylights out of him.
In New York,  Mira was welcomed go her office with a warm round of applause and was later informed of her promotion, she was to handle the legalalities of the group pan America. Her first job, handle the transition of Christopher Westland from the African continent to the States. Whatever little she had seen of him, he was naive, childish and an out and out playboy, exactly opposite to his brother, whom she loved with all her heart. She ran a google search on him, he was just a spoilt rich brat in all the sense of the term. And he was going to be here in America more so in New York. 
Christopher arrived at New York,  a few days later. A bash was arranged for his arrival, everyone was invited and Mira had to go, how much evr she was not interested. Parties are always hectic, cause headaches and have loud music. She took to a corner with a glass of wine and noticed the activities from a distance, she DJ was playing Mamma Mia, one of her favourites. Suddenly she saw him coming, “Bridemaid!”, “I have a name and would appreciate if you would call me that, it is Pirzada, Mira Pirzada”. “See again you are with a glass of wine sulking in your corner, I am going to be working from here and it is going to be fun”, he raised his hand for a high five. Mira got up and said “Yeah a lot of fun”.
She wanted to take amstroll outside alone, but that was not to be, Christopher followed her. “Oh why can’t you just leave me alone”, she almost shouted. “So India huh, how is life there”. Mira just looked shocked, the guy had an appetite. “India is not a remote island, it is a full fledged country, for God’s sake”. And thus started her ordeal, he asked her about everything, her school, her college, her job at the company and basically ensured that she remained frustrated. Mira gave up all hope of shooing him and gave in. She thougt maybe he won’t come after her after this. Slowly the night descended on them and Christopher put an arm around her waist, when Mira looked up objectionably, he thrust his gace forward and Mira pushed him away with one swift movement, “You are just a pathetic playboy and nothing like your brother, just stay away, or else you will have it from me” and she stormed out of there. “But you are not like the other girls”, Christopher said after her.


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