His face wad nestled in my arms,
It was difficult to resist his charms.
His eyes, fluttered, a bit restless,
He said, ‘Hey precious’,
Those words, just the two,
Gave my cheeks a pinkish hue,
He opened his eyes, they fell on me,
Anymore beautiful, I couldn’t be.
The sunlight made his arms glisten,
And I felt secure within,
Because, for me he would take on the world,
And I would be safe in his arms, lying there curled.
The rhythm of his heart,the sound of his voice,
Made my heart rejoice.
His hands stroked my hair,
Where else would I rather be, but here.
I moved my hand to his face,
And realised, it is he who gave me my grace.
With him I could leave my gaurd down,
With him I could be just me, a person new found.
With him, my life had a different meaning,
Every moment of it surreal, as if I was dreaming.
With him, I know there is hope in life,
With him, every obstacle is a like lovely jive.
He knows when I am happy, when sad,
When I need a cup of coffee, even if it tastes bad.
His touch, is the most exquisite feeling,
Makes me feel special, of all human beings.
He is the most debonair in the gathering,
Belonging with him is truly elating.
When I lay beside him at night,
His gaze plunges away all my plight.
I close my eyes knowing,
That when I open them the next morning,
The two words he’ll say,
That as always will make my day.


7 thoughts on “HEY HANDSOME, A Poem

    • Actually when I read ‘I liked the unkempt you, I realised it has been a long time since I had written a poem so I just got down to it. And well thanx.

    • Thanks, I try to write poetry but it is just something I can do when I feel very strongly for something and a simple post will not do justice to it, I sit and write poetry but I am no where close to you. You just blow my mind away with your words. For me poetry is always complex with perfect rhyming and all but you make it seem very simple…

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