The dinner date slowly turned into lunches, luncheons and then Mira was having almost every meal save the breakfast with Christopher. He was funny, saw life in a completely different light. Mira had also resigned to the fact that he was trying really hard to date her, she never brought herself to say yes to being his girlfriend, but somehow found it difficult to avoid him. She also had slowly started liking him as a friend, he could talk incessantly and was a pathetic Life was still a fairy tale for him. Christopher, on the other hand wasn’t getting enough of her, with him he could have a real conversation, not like the bimbettes he had dated the world over. She was kind and caring and an excellent cook. And he was contemplating about how to get that first meal of the day with her. The only way he could think of was asking her to move in with him, but was he going to bell the cat.

She politely had refused whatever he brought for her. But today, she wouldn’t be able to do it. Today, he took her to an Indian restaurant. They ordered their meal and while they were at it, he broached the topic by taking out a small box about the size of a box for rings. Mira saw it, her heart leapt. Did she like him? Yes. Could she love him? No. Did she enjoy his company? Yes. Could she spend her life with him? Maybe. Could she go through the same thing again, like she went with Daniel? No. She didn’t wait for him to open the box and said, “Yes, I will marry you”. Christopher froze, his fingers felt funny and weren’t responding to the brain’s command anymore. Did he want to marry her, Hell yeah. Slowly he opened the box, took out the keys, and when Mira saw them she felt like a big fool.
Oh my god, I am such an idiot”. “No it is perfectly fine, you just said the words I wanted to hear so badly, but I was scare that you will say no and I could never bring myself to as you. But”. He got down on one knee and put the key ring in her ring finger, it wasn’t the perfect fit. “Oh, I thought it would be romantic”. “It is” was all she could say.

The only person, Christopher wanted to tell this was his elder brother. Hence he scheduled a meeting with him, booked tickets for the both of them and as usual in his for granted fashion told Mira that they were leaving for London, two days later. When she asked what it was for, he just said that it was a surprise.


On reaching London, he called a cab that took Mira to the Westland hotel. While parting he told her about their dinner date at his house, he said “I will send someone”. She said “Don’t worry I can find my way”. At the Westland mansion, Christopher, eagerly went up to his brother’s room and told him “Your surprise has arrived”. “Please don’t tell me it is you. “Hey! OK no it is not me but the woman I want to marry, I have arranged for her to stay at the Westland in London, she will be here in the evening”. “Wonderful”. Unknowingly Daniel had uttered these words because what lay ahead for him, fate wasn’t going to be that kind.

Dinner was ready, but the only thing kept them was, the impending arrival of Christopher’s lady love, meeting with whom was going to be an affair to remember. She entered the gates. They were the same as she remembered, when she had first walked through them. She had never pondered but she realised that life always had its ways to complete the circle. Daniel, Louise and Christopher waited in the dining room while Mr. Wayne announced the arrival of a certain madam. She walked through the doors, to the amazement of all though it varied in degree. Christopher was amazed by her beauty as always, Louise was amazed at how funny  the situation was and Daniel was amazed and appalled at how Mira could do this to him. “Mira”, Daniel said. “Isn’t she great”, said Chris. “Yes”, said Daniel. They had dinner amongst a pin drop silence. The tension in the sir could be cut with a knife.

After they were done, Daniel asked Louise to take care of the desert and when she said that the cooks could take care of such  small thing, he said “ I insist”. Christopher had to take a call and conveniently excused himself. Left alone were Daniel and Mira. “She is sleeping with our CFO”, Mira though shocked by the news said uninterestedly “ Why are you telling me this, sir”, the last word said with a certain emphasis. .”I thought you should know, take some tips from he about how to hide your affair from your husband, she did a great job, until one day when she suddenly decide she wanted to go for dancing classes, and I decided to drop in early one day where she said she learnt or she said she learnt. Then with a little investigation, I found the truth”, “I would like to reiterate my question, sir”. Daniel flared up held her by the arm, slightly twisted it, “Don’t you go all sir on me. I seriously now think it was never me, but the money you were after, or why would you be here with my brother, oh so ready to marry him”. “ First, I couldn’t wait for you all my life, when you betrayed my trust, you lost all claim on me. Second he had the guts to ask me and third and the most important thing that you too married Louise for money so you don’t have any right to lecture me on my moral values which I can assure you are firmly grounded”. When every one came back she said “ I don’t think I can stay for desert, it is a long way back to the hotel and I have some work to do, I am really sorry”. Without waiting for a reply, she left.


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