Two news hit the newspapers about the Westlands, one good and the other bad. The younger one, Christopher Westland was getting married, to the Chief GC of their company, an Indian, Mira Pirzada. And the second, the elder, Daniel Westland was filing for divorce on grounds of adultery. Every gossip reporter had gone into a frenzy to dig about both the love story and the hate story. The inner sources said that according to the pre-nuptials, if a party is caught in the act was not to get any money in the estate. Daniel knew this, he was so tired of his marriage that he thanked his stars that Louise did something like this or he would have done it himself.

The final hearing of the divorce had been completed today, Daniel Westland was legally a free man, but unfortunately not a happy man. But now he had more time to mull over his life’s miseries.  The lady he loved was getting married to someone his very own brother, he had blown every chance of reconciliation to bits. Mira was tired too of thinking that her life still would have been better off with him. she too deserved a better life, a second chance. But he wanted to do one thing before the ship capsized. He called up Mira, who was busy shopping for the wedding. When she looked at her phone, it did something it hadn’t done for almost a year, it flashed ‘Daniel Westland calling’. She disconnected the phone thrice before she couldn’t handle it “What”, “Please listen to me calmly, please tell me where you are, I want to meet you just once, just once please please, I promise I will not bother you after this”. “I am at Harrods”, she said hotly. After about half an hour her phone pinged, he was waiting in his car. She got in. He drove silently for more than hour when she finally asked, “Where are you taking me”. “It is not very far now”.

The buildings had thinned. There was more of lush greenery, they were far from the main city. After about another 45 minute drive, Daniel parked the car in the driveway of a house that was big but not palatial, yet imposing. With gardens on both sides of the driveway, one corner had a few swings and a small fountain. The house was built in old Georgian architecture and was very beautiful. He held her hand, took her in, the ceiling was high with a huge chandelier in the middle. It still had places where one could light lamps and also had the basic modern amnesties but the best of each. The windows were huge that lit up the insides of the villa. It was even furnished with a dining table, sofa, a few couches here and there and the great wooden chairs. The floor was covered from wall to wall with carpet and had a delightful feeling to it. The huge fireplace had a bookshelf that had books of most of her favourite authors. She finally asked, “Why are we here?”, “Haha, why are we here, this is where we were meant to be, Mira”, “What”. He started walking about, “I bought this house when I knew that I wanted to spend my life with you and refurbished it. There are four rooms, one for us, two for the kids, a boy and a girl, the girl being the elder one and another guest bedroom. The swings, well I thought the kids would need a park to play and there isn’t one in the vicinity, so I created one in the house. I wanted us to grow old here Mira, grow old together”. She broke down, but said “You think it’s that easy buying you way out of it, you brothers are both idiots, you feel the world is at your feet and with your money you can get everything. Emotions and true love cannot be bought Dan, it has to earned. I am going to Mrs. Christopher Westland and you will have to accept that and live with the choices you made. Now please leave ma where you picked me”.


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