The date of the wedding was coming was coming nearer and the level of anxiousness in both Mira and Christopher was rising day by day. They wanted to do the ceremony in London itself but Mira wanted them to go to New York for one small but very important thing. They arrived at Jamesson Rook’s house late in the afternoon, the pleasure to see each other was heightened by the great news Mira had to share with him. She was getting married to Christopher. The only reason she wanted to come personally was as she wanted him to perform a task at the wedding, the task of giving her away. Mira’s was brought up by two very distant parents that only took interest in her well being until and unless it didn’t interfere with their work life, to which Mira attributed her work ethic. Hence, the only man fit enough to give her away was James. He has loved her like a sister he never had. Pampering her, consoling her and giving her a hefty dose of humour when she needed it.

“It has been a long time since you made me your pasta, please can you make it today?”, asked Rook. “Oh of course”, Mira happily obliged. When she was away from earshot, James said “You are a great man, accepting her for what she is”, “She is spectacular and I love her”. “But most men won’t have the guts to accept a woman that was their sibling’s girlfriend, and with Mira and Daniel, everyone who knew felt that they were meant to be together, but Daniel had to marry that Louise in order to save the business else today, she would have been you sister-in-law”. Now it all made sense to Christopher, he knew the woman Daniel had talked about had to be more dynamic than what Louise had been, something was amiss with her, he knew on the day they got married that she probably wasn’t the same girl. He now knew how much his brother loved Mira, she was with whom he had dreamed to spend his entire life. “Christopher”. “Yeah, I know”.

Today is the wedding day. She wore a white lace gown, embroidered all over with flowers, it was low cut and was flowy near the bottom. She looked nothing less than Artemis herself. She got ready, James’ wife was her bridesmaid. She walked slowly towards the altar, holding James’ hand. When she reached the altar, she pecked James on the cheek and stood their near his to be groom. The ceremony began and her groom lifted her veil, she looked, dumbstruck at his face, Daniel Westland stood beaming in front of her and when she looked at the best man, she realised it was none other than Christopher himself, he winked at her. In the extreme joy and shock of the moment she faltered a lot during the ceremony but when it came to the vows, she said them with sheer confidence and accepted Daniel Westland as her husband through the ups and the downs, through the good times and the bad, in sickness and in health.


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