MY 51st POST

How the heck did I get here??? I never thought I’ll be able to write one line let alone 50 whole posts, because I never was sure about what to write. I made the blog in 2011, on the insistance of a friend eho thought that I can write. But never actually wrote anything. I couldn’t think 9of anything to write. Then in 2013, when I was the second last year of my school, I was immensely frustrated and it seems nobody really understood that I hated physics from the bottom of my heart. For the first time in my life I couldn’t understand concepts, it had made my life hell. So one fine night when I couldn’t sleep, I had this wonderful idea of visiting that blog I had made. Do you know, how I thought of the title wunnerful? I had to write abook review for a cousin of mine, who is 5 years younger to me. Imagine I had to do his work, whereas it should have been the other way round!  But whatever, so I took out my dusty Enid Blyton novels, chose one of them and began reading it, and one of the characters is shown to have a foreign accent and spoke the word ‘Wonderful’ as ‘Wunnerful’ and somehow really liked it so I gave the same name to my blog.
But that night when I began writing I realised we have to give a name to the blog site and besides I thought what will I write about? Because when I looked aroind for inspiration, I saw most people had a theme, travel, food, technology, wines, books, movies etc but I didn’t have expertise in any of these fields ok maybe books and movies but that wouldn’t seperate me nor was I so well acquainted to the nuances of the language or the way of writing of different authors. So travel, well I have travelled  a bit but not with enough photos, I didn’t originally have a digital camera, but the old SLR of Yashica that once used to be respected brands in cameras.
So what do I write about became the question. Then came along the idea of writing about India, my homeland, about it’s vivid and eventful history, it’s dynamic present and well what I thought could be ideas for the future. So I started writing,  my first post called India, the country I love. Then I wrote something about the delicious food of the country and the thought struck, what if I get something wrong, that would we really bad now, wouldn’t it, then I treated myself to a new Nikon P500, nd went on a trip to Jhansi, Orchha and Khajuraho. Then I got down to writing about my experience in the three cities. Then I went to Amritsar, Agra, Jim Corbett and a few more places and wrote all about it.
When you imagine what could your life be, you always imagine it to be opulent, fancy and filled with joy and love. The best part about blogging is you get to write about your wierdest fantasies and nobody will judge but from my experience actually enjoy and appreciate it. So came my story, Once Upon A Fairy Tale. Also I am a crazy James Bond fan, so I could write about my favourite Bond movies, my most favourite dialogues and my take on whatever happened in the series and about it’s evolution,  oh wait I haven’t written about that! Slowly I thought if I could write about Bond movies why not about my other favourite Hindi movies and the wonderful Shahrukh Khan.
So I believe blogging is extremely healthy not only does it give you a platform to express but to be silly, be smart, be opinionated or have no opinion at all. Just be yourself and have NOTHING OBLIGATORY!!!!!!!!!


7 thoughts on “MY 51st POST

  1. So finally, I get an explanation of the word ‘wunnerful’. Good to know that.
    And yes, no one judges you, they rather appreciate, which is the best part of blogging.
    Keep on travelling and keep me updated coz sadly, I don’t get much time to travel.
    And keep on writing!! 🙂

    • I love travelling. One of my alternate careers is a travel writer, I love photography and you know discovering India itself is such a huge task that it will take more than a few lifetimes to see the whole of it andntyena few more to appreciate it.

      • Yes, that is true because of the huge variety of beauty in India. You name anything, we have it. I plan to see kerala sometimes but God knows wo shubh ghadi kab aayegi..haha!! Good luck with your travel writing on this page. I look forward to reading them.

      • I have been to Kerala not for a trip per se but I was playing the nationals for CBSE Volleyball championship which was held that year in Kerala. The place is mesmerizing…..

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