So finally it is that time of the year when I grow up another year, my birthday and guess what I am turning 18 today. This means that I am officially an adult, master of my own wishes and decisions. I did not ask for any gift well I don’t usually, but if you are generous enough I don’t mind About  in a week’s time I will be off to college, the National Law University, Delhi. One of the best places to go if you wanna be a lawyer and coveted by many, I am happy that I am actually going there and will become a lawyer, yeah!!!!! Besides, now that I am 18, I can drive, not that I know how to, but still. Unlike my parents, who sit in on the day of elections, I can go out and vote, even though I have to wait another 6 months  to get my voter’s ID, but still. I was just checking out my university’s confessions page, I can even do that without having to worry that my parents can check my browser history and no ‘but still’.

It is a new beginning, everyone has told me that you are mean to be a lawyer, some even said a judge. But nobody knows that I am basically freaked out. I don’t know if I will be able to do well, manage time and actually turn out to be a good enough lawyer. My worst fears these days is how will it be in moot courts because it i my dream to at least once go to the Jessup Moot Court Competition and maybe even win it, I know for that I have to be really great but. A friend of mine in NLSIU, Bangluru, told me that the seniors take interviews before taking you into committies, I don’t know if I can even clear those. And then being in hostel, how is life going to be. Staying alone on you own and in your own surroundings. Will I actually be able to qualify exams and be a good student, god all these things have been preying on my mind.

I have been relaxing for close to 3 months now April, June, July and probably next Monday, this time I will be back from my first class ever at my college. I tried to go to gym, but to no avail, now actually I am short of breath even going to my room from the dining table. I tried joining NGOs to work with kids, but no! They need graduates, not even volunteers. Then I thought of working for some fast food joint, no vacancy. It was as if, it was meant to be that I have to sit at home with that impending feeling of doom and desperation. I shopped by the truck load, T shirts, jeans, tops, almost amounting to 20000 Rupees. Oh how could I forget shoes, a new laptop, bedsheets, bed covers, a new mattress and even a new nail cutter, that will be just for me. I also got a new watch, about a week before my birthday, but put it on today so please it is not my birthday gift. I am leaving my Seiko watch here at home, you can never be too careful. I am also not taking my Nikon P500, that I know will become lonely without me :(. Nobody will use it and I will never have a good instrument to click my pics with. I read somewhere that when a camera is not being used, once in a month, you should just click a random photo with it to you know ensure that all systems are working well and good, but nobody would even that too it, because my parents take almost half an hour to start up the camera, if doing it on their own.

Well but I hope the year ahead will be fun and I can enjoy it to the fullest and be the best lawyer I can be because today I am



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