Two news hit the newspapers about the Westlands, one good and the other bad. The younger one, Christopher Westland was getting married, to the Chief GC of their company, an Indian, Mira Pirzada. And the second, the elder, Daniel Westland was filing for divorce on grounds of adultery. Every gossip reporter had gone into a frenzy to dig about both the love story and the hate story. The inner sources said that according to the pre-nuptials, if a party is caught in the act was not to get any money in the estate. Daniel knew this, he was so tired of his marriage that he thanked his stars that Louise did something like this or he would have done it himself.

The final hearing of the divorce had been completed today, Daniel Westland was legally a free man, but unfortunately not a happy man. But now he had more time to mull over his life’s miseries.  The lady he loved was getting married to someone his very own brother, he had blown every chance of reconciliation to bits. Mira was tired too of thinking that her life still would have been better off with him. she too deserved a better life, a second chance. But he wanted to do one thing before the ship capsized. He called up Mira, who was busy shopping for the wedding. When she looked at her phone, it did something it hadn’t done for almost a year, it flashed ‘Daniel Westland calling’. She disconnected the phone thrice before she couldn’t handle it “What”, “Please listen to me calmly, please tell me where you are, I want to meet you just once, just once please please, I promise I will not bother you after this”. “I am at Harrods”, she said hotly. After about half an hour her phone pinged, he was waiting in his car. She got in. He drove silently for more than hour when she finally asked, “Where are you taking me”. “It is not very far now”.

The buildings had thinned. There was more of lush greenery, they were far from the main city. After about another 45 minute drive, Daniel parked the car in the driveway of a house that was big but not palatial, yet imposing. With gardens on both sides of the driveway, one corner had a few swings and a small fountain. The house was built in old Georgian architecture and was very beautiful. He held her hand, took her in, the ceiling was high with a huge chandelier in the middle. It still had places where one could light lamps and also had the basic modern amnesties but the best of each. The windows were huge that lit up the insides of the villa. It was even furnished with a dining table, sofa, a few couches here and there and the great wooden chairs. The floor was covered from wall to wall with carpet and had a delightful feeling to it. The huge fireplace had a bookshelf that had books of most of her favourite authors. She finally asked, “Why are we here?”, “Haha, why are we here, this is where we were meant to be, Mira”, “What”. He started walking about, “I bought this house when I knew that I wanted to spend my life with you and refurbished it. There are four rooms, one for us, two for the kids, a boy and a girl, the girl being the elder one and another guest bedroom. The swings, well I thought the kids would need a park to play and there isn’t one in the vicinity, so I created one in the house. I wanted us to grow old here Mira, grow old together”. She broke down, but said “You think it’s that easy buying you way out of it, you brothers are both idiots, you feel the world is at your feet and with your money you can get everything. Emotions and true love cannot be bought Dan, it has to earned. I am going to Mrs. Christopher Westland and you will have to accept that and live with the choices you made. Now please leave ma where you picked me”.




The dinner date slowly turned into lunches, luncheons and then Mira was having almost every meal save the breakfast with Christopher. He was funny, saw life in a completely different light. Mira had also resigned to the fact that he was trying really hard to date her, she never brought herself to say yes to being his girlfriend, but somehow found it difficult to avoid him. She also had slowly started liking him as a friend, he could talk incessantly and was a pathetic Life was still a fairy tale for him. Christopher, on the other hand wasn’t getting enough of her, with him he could have a real conversation, not like the bimbettes he had dated the world over. She was kind and caring and an excellent cook. And he was contemplating about how to get that first meal of the day with her. The only way he could think of was asking her to move in with him, but was he going to bell the cat.

She politely had refused whatever he brought for her. But today, she wouldn’t be able to do it. Today, he took her to an Indian restaurant. They ordered their meal and while they were at it, he broached the topic by taking out a small box about the size of a box for rings. Mira saw it, her heart leapt. Did she like him? Yes. Could she love him? No. Did she enjoy his company? Yes. Could she spend her life with him? Maybe. Could she go through the same thing again, like she went with Daniel? No. She didn’t wait for him to open the box and said, “Yes, I will marry you”. Christopher froze, his fingers felt funny and weren’t responding to the brain’s command anymore. Did he want to marry her, Hell yeah. Slowly he opened the box, took out the keys, and when Mira saw them she felt like a big fool.
Oh my god, I am such an idiot”. “No it is perfectly fine, you just said the words I wanted to hear so badly, but I was scare that you will say no and I could never bring myself to as you. But”. He got down on one knee and put the key ring in her ring finger, it wasn’t the perfect fit. “Oh, I thought it would be romantic”. “It is” was all she could say.

The only person, Christopher wanted to tell this was his elder brother. Hence he scheduled a meeting with him, booked tickets for the both of them and as usual in his for granted fashion told Mira that they were leaving for London, two days later. When she asked what it was for, he just said that it was a surprise.


On reaching London, he called a cab that took Mira to the Westland hotel. While parting he told her about their dinner date at his house, he said “I will send someone”. She said “Don’t worry I can find my way”. At the Westland mansion, Christopher, eagerly went up to his brother’s room and told him “Your surprise has arrived”. “Please don’t tell me it is you. “Hey! OK no it is not me but the woman I want to marry, I have arranged for her to stay at the Westland in London, she will be here in the evening”. “Wonderful”. Unknowingly Daniel had uttered these words because what lay ahead for him, fate wasn’t going to be that kind.

Dinner was ready, but the only thing kept them was, the impending arrival of Christopher’s lady love, meeting with whom was going to be an affair to remember. She entered the gates. They were the same as she remembered, when she had first walked through them. She had never pondered but she realised that life always had its ways to complete the circle. Daniel, Louise and Christopher waited in the dining room while Mr. Wayne announced the arrival of a certain madam. She walked through the doors, to the amazement of all though it varied in degree. Christopher was amazed by her beauty as always, Louise was amazed at how funny  the situation was and Daniel was amazed and appalled at how Mira could do this to him. “Mira”, Daniel said. “Isn’t she great”, said Chris. “Yes”, said Daniel. They had dinner amongst a pin drop silence. The tension in the sir could be cut with a knife.

After they were done, Daniel asked Louise to take care of the desert and when she said that the cooks could take care of such  small thing, he said “ I insist”. Christopher had to take a call and conveniently excused himself. Left alone were Daniel and Mira. “She is sleeping with our CFO”, Mira though shocked by the news said uninterestedly “ Why are you telling me this, sir”, the last word said with a certain emphasis. .”I thought you should know, take some tips from he about how to hide your affair from your husband, she did a great job, until one day when she suddenly decide she wanted to go for dancing classes, and I decided to drop in early one day where she said she learnt or she said she learnt. Then with a little investigation, I found the truth”, “I would like to reiterate my question, sir”. Daniel flared up held her by the arm, slightly twisted it, “Don’t you go all sir on me. I seriously now think it was never me, but the money you were after, or why would you be here with my brother, oh so ready to marry him”. “ First, I couldn’t wait for you all my life, when you betrayed my trust, you lost all claim on me. Second he had the guts to ask me and third and the most important thing that you too married Louise for money so you don’t have any right to lecture me on my moral values which I can assure you are firmly grounded”. When every one came back she said “ I don’t think I can stay for desert, it is a long way back to the hotel and I have some work to do, I am really sorry”. Without waiting for a reply, she left.



He was making life miserable. He had the same eyes, the same gait, almost the same smooth, silky voice but he was Christopher, not Daniel, whom she still loved to bits. He still pestered her as if what he had done had no bearing at their professional relationship at all. This is what separated him from his brother. He was not as respectable and honorable towards women as his brother. He considered them as disposable pleasures rather than meaningful pursuits. And she Mira was having a hard time fending off his advances, as she had noticed earlier, he was incorrigible, determined to win he like his brother. Hence, he was making life miserable. What could she do, looking at him brought with it a sea of a plethora of enmeshed feelings, she was reminded of the passionate love that made her heart rejoice and the equally painful betrayal, she was stuck between rock and a hard place.

“Good morning beautiful”, she was jolted back to the present by Christopher’s voice.  “Your office is two floors above and in the completely opposite direction and yet you stop by, why?”, “To give you your morning coffee, beautiful”. “How many times do I tell you, call me by my name, please, this is an office space”. “I don’t care, beautiful and besides, how would I tell you that we are going on a date tonight. It is a great little place on the Marylebone Road, it is a formal place, you know, dress up, reservation’s at 8”, and he strutted out as casually, as he came in. Mira looked after him dumbstruck. How could someone ask, or well whatever he did, you on a date and insult your dressing at the same time and she couldn’t reply, couldn’t fight, for crying out loud, she was a lawyer. She felt so angry that she decided that she would go, not because she wanted to but because she wanted to flaunt her dressing sense, he was his boss, to hell with the fact.

She took a half day and went shopping, something she had never done. She was well not particularly fond of shopping just that occasional spree. After shopping she went home and took a long bath with lavender bath salts and then got dressed. She reached the Restaurant at sharp 8 ‘o’ clock. She asked to be shown to the table and the only thing Christopher Westland could do was stare. With his fair share of the world’s artificial beauties, he was awestruck by how beautiful Mira was. She wore a blue gown with drooping shoulders that outlined her collarbone. The dress highlighted her curves that sent his heart racing; she walked like a goddess, every eyeball turned towards her. Her sleek neck was adorned by a Harry Winston diamond wreath, he a veteran of buying many of them for his girlfriends. Her hair tied up in a bun, left her face to be admired. She had applied very little make up or probably none at all, but her face was all he could look at. It’s raw, untamed beauty was nothing like Christopher had ever seen.

She sat down in front of him with such grace that he was almost going to ask for an encore. “Good evening”, it was his turn to be jolted. “You smell wonderful”, “Excuse me”, “Oh I mean hello Mira”, finally the trick was done and he said her name finally. The night progressed rather slowly; Christopher never wanted it to end, as opposed to Mira for whom all of this was just to prove a point.  But she never knew that this was one of the many dates that were to take the fancy of Christopher, who would shower her with gifts because he seriously thought that he was in love for the first time. The love, he thought his brother had found in Louise.


His face wad nestled in my arms,
It was difficult to resist his charms.
His eyes, fluttered, a bit restless,
He said, ‘Hey precious’,
Those words, just the two,
Gave my cheeks a pinkish hue,
He opened his eyes, they fell on me,
Anymore beautiful, I couldn’t be.
The sunlight made his arms glisten,
And I felt secure within,
Because, for me he would take on the world,
And I would be safe in his arms, lying there curled.
The rhythm of his heart,the sound of his voice,
Made my heart rejoice.
His hands stroked my hair,
Where else would I rather be, but here.
I moved my hand to his face,
And realised, it is he who gave me my grace.
With him I could leave my gaurd down,
With him I could be just me, a person new found.
With him, my life had a different meaning,
Every moment of it surreal, as if I was dreaming.
With him, I know there is hope in life,
With him, every obstacle is a like lovely jive.
He knows when I am happy, when sad,
When I need a cup of coffee, even if it tastes bad.
His touch, is the most exquisite feeling,
Makes me feel special, of all human beings.
He is the most debonair in the gathering,
Belonging with him is truly elating.
When I lay beside him at night,
His gaze plunges away all my plight.
I close my eyes knowing,
That when I open them the next morning,
The two words he’ll say,
That as always will make my day.


“I do”.
Mira simply took to the bar, she wanted to forget every bit of the past year and a half. The feeling of his touch, how it felt when they kissed, the passionate love making, every thing that could plunge her into a dismal abyss. “So we meet again”, Mira lifted her head, Christopher was beaming up ahead, “But sex is off the table”, Mira gave a sharp look, “Bridesmaid, best man,  it is a bit traditional”, he chuckled. “But not obligatory”, she turned to her drink. “But we didn’t complete our conversation,  so how long have you worked with my brother?”, “About a year and a half, now can you leave me alone”, she said curtly,  “No you see, thd way my brother used to talk about his lady love, I never thought that he was talking about Louise, she is so well, h let her go, so you an alcoholic”, “No”, cringed Mira, “Then why are you here, shouldn’t you be at the table”, I’ll go when the ceremony starts and may be you could stop irritating me till then”, she said with a look that scared the living daylights out of him.
In New York,  Mira was welcomed go her office with a warm round of applause and was later informed of her promotion, she was to handle the legalalities of the group pan America. Her first job, handle the transition of Christopher Westland from the African continent to the States. Whatever little she had seen of him, he was naive, childish and an out and out playboy, exactly opposite to his brother, whom she loved with all her heart. She ran a google search on him, he was just a spoilt rich brat in all the sense of the term. And he was going to be here in America more so in New York. 
Christopher arrived at New York,  a few days later. A bash was arranged for his arrival, everyone was invited and Mira had to go, how much evr she was not interested. Parties are always hectic, cause headaches and have loud music. She took to a corner with a glass of wine and noticed the activities from a distance, she DJ was playing Mamma Mia, one of her favourites. Suddenly she saw him coming, “Bridemaid!”, “I have a name and would appreciate if you would call me that, it is Pirzada, Mira Pirzada”. “See again you are with a glass of wine sulking in your corner, I am going to be working from here and it is going to be fun”, he raised his hand for a high five. Mira got up and said “Yeah a lot of fun”.
She wanted to take amstroll outside alone, but that was not to be, Christopher followed her. “Oh why can’t you just leave me alone”, she almost shouted. “So India huh, how is life there”. Mira just looked shocked, the guy had an appetite. “India is not a remote island, it is a full fledged country, for God’s sake”. And thus started her ordeal, he asked her about everything, her school, her college, her job at the company and basically ensured that she remained frustrated. Mira gave up all hope of shooing him and gave in. She thougt maybe he won’t come after her after this. Slowly the night descended on them and Christopher put an arm around her waist, when Mira looked up objectionably, he thrust his gace forward and Mira pushed him away with one swift movement, “You are just a pathetic playboy and nothing like your brother, just stay away, or else you will have it from me” and she stormed out of there. “But you are not like the other girls”, Christopher said after her.