Had it not been an SRK movie, I wouldn’t have bothered to see the movie. Those who know me, given my extreme fanaticism for SRK, would feel that I would be biased. But luckily I had had seen Chak De! India on TV for like 15 mins, so I kinda got through the movie. Also, well I can’t help it, but when i watch a SRK movie, I just see SRK, rest of the parts that work to make a movie, don’t really matter to me that much but I will try to tell you about the movie, to the best of my memory.

Well the movie starts of by retelling the most famous SRK dialogues, which has been the trend for the past couple of his movies and not only his movies but movies who earn off his great movies like Humpty Sharma. He acts and just blows you away in the first scene, but again, me biased ;).   The success of the movie completely rides on the presupposition that people will come to see SRK and given the fact that SRK and Farah Khan became friends again, it must have been a rock and a hard situation for SRK, I know it seems I am trying to justify this thing called ‘Happy New Year’ but one has to go into the semantics to get the whole picture. Moreover, this is what happens, the only sane force in the movie is SRK’s acting.

The rest of the characters just follow his lead and the movie just keeps changing location from one to the other driven by a lot of revenge and drama towards a point that in an actual SRK movie should have been a nail biting climax was just something as simple 2+2=4. SRK may have said that in my movies, the lead heroine’s name will come before mine, but Deepika’s role was something similar to Katrina’s in Dhoom:3 except there was more of ACTING and SPEAKING parts and not just a little twinky for show and of course a lot more of actual dancing on Deepika’s part. Sonu Sood and Abhishek Bachchan just push up the number of stars by two and play the part that they are required to play in the great game plan.

Vivaan Shah is nice but I don’t know, they thought he is too raw for it or something, he had an even lesser role to play. Last but not the least, the best of them all, Boman Irani, he makes you laugh, he makes you cry and endears you to himself with his the typical Parsi guy with the perfect accent and with Daisy Irani as his mother, the role is just played to the tee. Something like the song in Om Shanti Om, Deewangi, was also done in the movie, too many special appearances, too many. I wouldn’t compare the movie with the previous Farah Khan ventures like Tees Maar Khan or Joker but it wasn’t even close to Swades, Chak De! India or Dil Se, like way off trajectory. I wouldn’t say that you must watch the movie, go watch Annabelle, if you have the stomach for it. Coming from me, believe you me, says a lot  about a movie starring SRK.

The other elements of the plan like the World Dancing Championship, was jut out of the place, I mean just why would you inflict Boman Irani, Abhishek Bachchan and from now on Vivaan Shah dancing on us? And not once not twice at least like 120 times, please SRk doesn’t dance like Shahid or Hrithik but he is not Salman Khan and the tap dance in Dhoom 3 by Aamir was just bullshit. Apart from the hero what also could hold he movie is a strong villain, but this movie’s villain it self came for like 20 mins, rest of the 2hr 40mins were SRk saving the world mixed with Deepika dancing about and the others just there watching him do stuff. Oh yes and if you liked Dhoom 3, please this movie is like way better, way way better than that nightmare of a movie.

Also another thing that comes to my mind is one of the hollyshit episodes (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H_nA8pqPb70) that is basically about how logic is just another prerogative of the director like the script and music. Because the speed at which they come back for the finals of the WDC and the fight sequences, however cool, are just purely without any possible logic, I mean No just NO LOGIC. Rather the entire plot doesn’t reflect the slightest shimmer of logic. All of it was too simple for it to be a edge of the seat heist like the Ocean’s series. You don’t get the thrill or the excitement.The ending, if you have seen PLAYERS, where in the end, the gold that the hero takes away is beaten into sheets of gold and made into cars which could then be driven away by the star cast, though it is not as silly but kinda smacks off that, given we have Abhishek in the supporting cast.

Now why do I call it a decision went wrong because again, probably given how movies like R….Rajkumar, Kick and the rest are doing business and for crying out loud Dhoom 3 actually was the highest grosser, he must have felt that he could actually pull something like this off. But the roles he had played in his previous movies just makes it unacceptable to see see him in such a movie. I would imagine, after seeing the movie as Akshay Kumar being the hero, you could actually understand and accept the sheer stupidity and go home to sleep without feeling the heat of your burnt pocket, but not here. Again, I won’t recommend you to see the movie, even though the fan in me wants it to break all records, yet may be a flop like this might make him feel that he has to chose the roles more intelligently. Many say, he is going through the phase that even Amitabh Bachchan went through with movies like Sooryavansham but i beg to differ, make up couldn’t do anything to make him look pretty but with SRK make up works and if that is fine for a movie like ROBOT, where Rajnikanth, bald and with a pot belly can pull off, SRK can definitely do.



  1. You definitely are one die hard fan of SRK. I mean, you enjoyed HNY! No offence, coz even I liked Ra.One (Sounds silly? Can’t help).
    But I agree, when SRK is there, anything may seem magical.
    You didn’t talk about the music of the movie. Vishal-Shekhar were not at their best, but created peppy songs like sharabi and lovely.
    In the end, he may have done HNY, but he’ll always be a legend.

    • Hey I did not say I enjoyed HNY. I just felt bad as to how could SRK do that movie and like a true lawyer well soon to be a lawyer, defended his actions. Music wasn’t that cool for me anyway, my attention was too focused on SRK. I think I was too heartbroken for my brain to actually register it. I just opened my laptop and wrote whatever I felt went wrong with that movie. And SRK is more than just an actor for me, see when you see him as a girl saying those dialogues you feel he is saying them to you and that is what sets him apart. He makes the girl on the other side of the screen feel special and you know five her that hope that there is someone special for them out there. That is his magic.

      • Yes, you defended him like a true fan. And yes, every SRK fan was heart broken after HNY. And, he is more than just an actor for me too. I really like his sense of humour. He knows when to be polite, when to be quirky. And, well, can’t see him as a girl sees him, but still, SRK casts a spell.

      • Exactly! See that is what I keep saying but people are like no no he is old. But please age has just added to his charm. Frankly I find him better as he he grows older barring HNY. I am so awaiting for Raees

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