Dear Aunties,
Metro Trains,
Delhi Metro,

If you don’t feel offended by me calling you aunty then we can focus on a few issues that I have come across in the metro trains, to my discomfort and possibly to your chagrin. The issues that I would like to highlight have been deeply and keenly observed by me over a considerable period of time and I can assure you that these are not at all unfounded. First, if you know you have to travel in the metro, I never get the point of wearing heavy sarees in the metro, I seriously don’t. It is excusable when one has to go to a wedding or a function but wearing clothes that are bound to slow you down in the metro is just pointless. Next, STAY BEHIND THE YELLOW LINE!!! They make that line to protect you not themselves. Please learn to stay behind it because if you fall over, well lets just leave it there. They even make announcements for that too and I am sure people who run something as efficient as the metro are not crazy. Thirdly, STAY BEHIND THE YELLOW LINE EVEN IF THE TRAIN IS ABOUT TO STOP!!! I never understand why do you have this instinct of moving that half an inch forward as if that half inch will get you inside the train first. In the previous point you could fall over but here you your face could just stick to the metro. Fourthly, if you don’t get a seat, the world will not come to an end. Everytime, the ladies push you as if, if they get a seat inside the metro they will have conquered the world. A batchmate of mine who is from Bangalore hadn’t travelled in the metro so we decided to take him for a ride and he the poor mannered child ill-versed in the ways and means of the metro was standing at the door when it opened and an auntie started to inch ahead of him so he let her go forward first but he did not know that he had opened the floodgates because we had to forcefully pull him in over the sea of people he had unwittingly let go before him. Please there are older ladies than you who are standing in the metro and you rather prefer to talk to them about how pathetic and shameless the younger generation is because not even one is ready to vacate their seats. Or you know the urge to get to a seat can be better described as the way women stand outside stores that have declared a sale and the doors to infinite bliss of shopping are just about to open. Fifthly, probably this is what irritates me the most. The longer seats in the trains have 6 seats but because they are joined together women thing, they could just ask other women to just scooch over. That for me is particularly uncivilised. How can you ask someone to move to create some space so that you can squeeze in your ass. The funnier part is that the women could be almost falling off but NO, they cannot relinquish their seats as if it is against some religious tenets. Oh and the loud talking on the phone. Why do you have to tell what you have cooked at your home to everyone in the metro, please only tell it to the person you are talking to. I always lose my concentration while reading something. Reading is a slightly intellectually stimulating and hence requires a bit of focus you see. And it is a joy ride when a long lost friend or a relative has called or you want to dictate how to cook something. My worst nightmares aren’t as bad as that and I have had my full of those.

I have after a careful thought tendered this letter to your consideration. I hope you will take some action.

A discomforted Metro Traveller


12 thoughts on “DEAR AUNTIES OF THE METRO TRAINS……………………………..

      • LOL. No you are not alone. I look forward to seeing you commenting on my blog soon πŸ™‚ x

    • And I just realised given that you are a hopeless romantic, i write romance stories and they are on my page called Ficto-fantasy. One story has been completed and I am working on the other but I have writen about 4 chapters I hope your resolve to be a romantic is strengthened by them

  1. So true! I am so irritated by the Delhi metro, especially the ladies coach (Probably because that’s the one I travel in mostly πŸ˜› ) I have seen girls, doing college homework in a jam packed metro and giving a stink eye if it gets messed up! People eat fruits (orange) and throw peels and seeds on the floor. They make their hair (with lice and dandruff, most of the times) making me feel absolutely pukish. The simple idea of using the metro for commuting from one place to another is long lost… They look for a place to temporarily settle. -_-

    P.S. People pinching and pushing to get in and get out… I have been there. -_-

  2. Ah! I usually take the sacred ladies compartment, during non-peak hours.. so this madness evades me… I do get a dose of the livelier daily dramas though.. but will go on about them some other time… Happy traveling !

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