If you are wondering about the title of the post, well let me explain. We all love online shopping, unmatched variety, lower prices than the market and the best part delivered right to your doorstep. Well I am a big fan of it too, but my past few experiences haven’t gone all that well. The products delivered were faulty in some or the other way and hence, a normal person would return them and take the refund, but no no sir not me. I decided to use the same internet against them and well somehow had my way. Well, internet here means facebook but you know what I am talking about…

So, first was this website, well I don’t know if I am allowed to name the websites or not, but it basically calls itself the coolest T-shirt brand of India and I finally found the size of this hoodie that I desperately wanted, it says “I AM SHERLOCKED’. Sherlock fans understand what this small little sentence means and then there was a sale on it as well, you just could not imagine my excitement level when I saw all of this. I immediately placed my order and now this is where the problem started. There were two addresses required not that it does not happen, one is the delivery and the other is shipping but here no such demarcation was made out. So I gave one as my college address and the other as my home address, both in a different pin code zone. Now I placed the order on Saturday and then I started checking on Monday at the delivery reception at our college. And please that is a reasonable time to check, unlike the way my roommate thinks. But I did not receive the package for about a week and my delivery package according to their policy would receive delivery in 5 days. I tried calling them, they have an answering machine, imagine, and I left 10 messages telling them about my problem but no one replied and then I sent mails and yet no reply. This so set me off, I opened my laptop and logged on to facebook, went to their web page and wrote my entire story of woe, and I wouldn’t say that it was a very sweet message which finally made them see the problem and they replied on facebook itself and that is how I managed to get them to resend the hoodie to me. But then it did not come again and I played the same card and they told me to finally send in the new address but when they shipped it the second time they promised me that my money would be refunded if it did not come by the following saturday, which it did not and guess what I got my money back and two hoodies But what about the one that they shipped the third time, even that one came an hence I ended up owning three ‘I AM SHERLOCKED’ hoodies without spending a single buck. HAHAHA

Second brush was with what I like to call the amazon of India, flipkart.com. Now from here I ordered a wallet. This wallet was black and yellow, the entire body being black and a small patch was yellow where the name of the brand was embossed. Now this wallet arrived and there was no embossing and I realised that the product was a fake, I was already spinning out of control by the time I reached my room, with rage. I did the same thing again and guess what, another free gift in two weeks and they even promised to take action against the seller.

The third one was not exactly my order, it was ordered by a relative of mine about 5 months ago, It was a water purifier which was on sale and with some offer or something, I am a little fuzzy on the details. Long story short, when he returned the purifier and asked for the refund, some communication barrier ensured that the money does not get to him. After he heard of my little adventures with the online stores, he asked me to take up his case and I managed to not only get him his refund but even a compensation of almost 1/3 of the actual amount. I felt so proud of myself.

But the best thing I learnt out of this whole experience is that technology has helped us so wonderfully. Rather than me rattling the sabers of law I just had to go to their facebook page and post a comment on each of their photo or post to make them realise that I have a huge problem here and you better solve it or I will spam your webpage with the most unwanted comments.

Here, my little secret to free goodies from online website, you just need t hope that they make some mistake at their end. Happy Shopping


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