I do not understand why people actually even compare these two because obviously, Friends is way better, still, on my cousin’s advice, I decided to watch How I Met Your Mother, to finally come to the conclusion that Friends rocks and here is why. First let me make this clear that this analysis comes from a viewing of 3 seasons of HYMIM and well all seasons over Friends, maybe 10 times over. But but I assure you that I will try to write as objectively I can.

Now firstly, why did I say that there is no competition because I saw so much of Friends in HYMIM. Theodore Vivian Mosby, the lead- I want to fall in love and get married, now haven’t we seen this before? Haan haan, first episode of Friends…….

Image result for first episode of friends images

Then another one which I saw was Ted has a habit of correcting people incessantly….Again does it ring any bells?

Then please nobody can disagree that Barney is the slightly cheaper version of Joey- complete with their own catchphrases, I hope this needs no explanation.

How You Doin Gif How you doin gif how you doinImage result for legen wait for it dary gif

Lily is again a I’d say less prettier version of Monica. Why? Both are the mother hen of the group and also the ones who take care of everyone an are compassionate.

Now this is something that I just saw in the last episode of season 3, Barney suddenly starts liking Robin-Oh wait- Did I say at how many levels, Robin and Ted are like Ross and Rachel. Ok Ok lets first talk about that. So, everyone knows how the girl is out of the league of the hero and the girl cannot handle a serious relationship right now. I agree that is not quite the case for Ross and Rachel but what makes them similar for me is the fact that they both date for a year and after breaking up they have this lingering tension between them and keep going on and off and even end up sleeping with each other. The hero and heroine want to get together but don’t.

Coming back to Barney and Robin, Joey also fell in love with Rachel, the ex of the hero, whom he still has feelings for. Then one last thing, this one is actually lame but still all are in New York. So how much ever anybody tries to convince me that HYMIM’s better, it is just something that is another thing which is like friends except newer and with a fresh story twist but it does goes around friends who are each others family and look for comfort within this small group of people.

This is something that I recently noticed which was that they have a Thanksgiving tradition to.

But again I would chose Friends over HYMIM any day. So, you know………..


5 thoughts on “HIMYM v F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

  1. Okay, I’ve never watched an episode of himym. This is because I’d always prefer watching the same episode of friends than watching a himym episode. And, I guess I cant say which is better but still, friends rocks and just can’t be compared with any sitcom ever made. And glad to know that you’re a friends fan too!! 🙂 🙂

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