I have always been skeptical as to how law school will change me because come on, one needs a serious commitment to become a fully functioning adult which I am sure I don’t have. But the thing with law school like any other educational institutes is that it creeps into you very sutlely. But what is different about the way the law school brings about this change is highly visible. When you want to be an engineer or an architect or a musician or a doctor or fashion designer, you tend to show interest in activities related to the field before hand. Like for architecture or for fashion designing you need a basic skill set of being able to draw with a steady hand, which I can’t do for life.

Or maybe I am being stereotypical but I guess in India, law is the probably the last resort in India, STILL…. I don’t feel that one requires any extra special skills except for maybe a bit of logical reasoning. So I guess the changes are rather noticeable. I decided to list the changes. I felt that we start using fancier words in daily conversations. Especially words like ‘legitimately’, ‘legally’, ‘technically’, ‘well according to the law’ etc, etc. The thing with using these fancy words is that they make you slightly irritating because you start correcting people and sometimes one doesn’t realise that the other person does not really give a shit about what you say after the ‘aforesaid’ words. And the best part is you do is unconsciously, you don’t notice it one bit.

Then of course, this habit is something that you can even see in my posts now, my posts are in the justified alignment. Our research papers are to be written in Times New Roman, 12 font, 1.2, justified alignment of the text. So now every time I write, I ensure that at least it has justified alignment if not the other things cause I have realised how infinitely cooler it looks and more neater.

Then, there is one thing that I really am not proud of. Finding humor in judgments. It makes me feel sad that we find stuff that judges say funny, it is ironical. So there was this judgment called Suresh and Anr. v State of Uttar Pradesh and it was delivered by Judge Thomas and the judgment was written so fantastically that I read it twice, the second time just for the fun. It is basically an awesome judgment. We just keep mentioning it when we talk about great pieces of literature. Or funny laws, it is just weird that our source of humor has come to this.

Thinking that Saturdays will be a holiday makes you feel that your weekend is suddenly longer, maybe that is college specific because we have classes on saturday quite often, and I have made a rule that if saturday is working then I don’t go home for that weekend hence my weekend become much better if Saturdays are a holiday. Though we have the incentive of having to stay back is that Saturdays are Chinese for dinner and I just realised that I missed the mango shake that is there for today. Shit!

You become experts in faffing or basically discussing stuff that you have no idea about or you can use big words and put the same point again and again differently each time. There are whole activities are dedicated to it also called- Parliamentary Debating. Even to some extent mooting.

Then of course, again unconsciously, you become argumentative and in daily conversations r especially when you are publically speaking, you tend to use words like “what we are trying to tell you” or “we come here and tell you” and stuff like that, that one bugs the hell out of me. So this time, while giving the farewell to the outgoing batch, one of the passing out students gave a speech, while doing that he pointed out a few faults with other speeches given. I wanted to shout that please don’t do that, don’t ruin farewell by giving such an argumentative speech, but first years can’t do that can they :(.

Then there is simple stuff like noticing details and pointing out faults with people’s s statement, especially while watching ‘Newshour’ with Arnab Goswami, I love it when he makes mistakes with law cause I hate watching the show but for some reason my dad seems to enjoy watching people shout at each other incessantly but then this helps me get back at the show. It is precious.

These are things that I have just noticed, well, if you feel there are more why don’t you post it in the comment πŸ™‚



  1. Even engineers or doctors are very good at finding faults and if they are not good in finding fault, then you may see many people dying a lot and also bridges falling. πŸ™‚

    Also, I am not an english expert but there are a few english grammar mistakes in the post like “So I guess the changes is rather noticeable.” It should be are not is.

    Btw, nice posts.

    • I write the posts impromptu so i sometimes miss that stuff besides I was slightly sleepy but I just wanted to write this one post. And obviously every profession requires a little amount of ensuring that oversights don’t happen especially doctors and engineers or else as you have already so put, people will die πŸ˜‰ and thanks for liking my posts and I hope you keep coming back!

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