It has been so long since I got back behind my laptop screen to write that was not to be submitted as a project or as a brief to the temporary boss in my internships that I guess the fun of writing what pleases you had gotten a little lost on me. This glorious Sunday afternoon, I had been itching to write but any content was elusive, as if, my brain was refusing to put in any effort, after all, it was a glorious Sunday afternoon.

I actually stooped to binge watch Game of Thrones. Yes, I am guilty of not liking the show. You can never get involved with the show because the minute you do, you start liking a character and once you do, be assured, they will kill him off in the next episode. And you need to remember a lot and be sure of the context to understand the story. I know I know, I live in Delhi and the North remembers, but still, it is just too much effort. Frankly, I am unable to not like the Dario Naharys or however his name is spelt and I don’t want him to die. I am at Season 6 Episode 5 and if they have already killed him, please just tell me already. Though I love the fact that until now two Bond villains have been made a part of the show. Ned Stark who played the villain in Goldeneye and the High Sparrow, who was one of my favourites as Elliot Carver in Tomorrow Never Dies, both against Pierce Brosnan <3.

Which brings me to what I started out with today, what I call the effort theory. Nothing great or fancy like rational choice theory (the only two words that I understood remember from a year long Economics classes) but it does give me a good enough reason to well skip certain things when I want to. It all started with the short journey from our hostel to our academic block, where we have our classes. It is really short, about a minute or two’s walk. But the Acad Block has both a staircase and a wheelchair ramp and I have always as a rule of thumb taken the ramp even though it causes me to stay in the sun for just about two seconds more and my friends say that those two seconds take more energy out of my body than taking the staircase, but I have vehemently denied the charges.

The simple logic is when my feet are moving in a certain way to walk, taking the staircase breaks that movement and whereas climbing the ramp is closer to the said movement, not forgetting the part about nor having to heave your leg up every time you take a step to raise yourself higher. I apply the same logic to sweets. I hate fruit and nut chocolates or dry fruits (except for maybe walnuts in cakes) especially when they are whole. My mouth has a smooth texture taste of the actual sweet when the almonds and cashews come in between. Though while I am writing the post, I am munching on almonds and cashews.

I even apply it when I take my friends shopping. So my darling non-Delhi or for that matter even Delhi friends and I go out to markets where I am a bystander called in only when the item intended to be purchased has passed all quality tests and has been given a go by the others, to bargain. My friends think that I am awesome at bargaining. I do agree that it does become better with practice, where you begin to understand that what is the lowest price a shopkeeper will be willing to go, but even then, I actually tried bargaining when I took my friends out for the first time to Lajpat Nagar. I simply quote my price and maybe a few more words here and there and that is it, if he agrees good enough, if he doesn’t, I try the classic move of pretending to leave the shop and that is it. Now if I would be buying stuff, if the shopkeeper won’t agree to my price, if my pretence fails to appeal to the shopkeeper, I will actually keep up the charade i.e. I will not purchase the item in question. But when it is about my friends, it gets difficult, I want them to get what they want at the price I want and so I put in a little more effort.

The best example can be the projects that we have to make for 25 marks in our college. I quiet literally weigh it against the kind of impression I have on the teacher, whether the can be easily befuddled, do they still give marks if they are confused about your project etc and then decide whether I have to copy it from the internet or actually think and make a project.

Some term it as plain laziness, I term it as effort-benefit analysis ( I do remember a few more things from the Eco class…huh). We have just one life and expending it on things that will not matter in the long run, will always take away a little from your peace of mind and soul. Yeah even overthinking things goes against the effort theory.

So put in your comments about the ‘Effort theory’. 🙂 Happy Sunday to everyone.