Sexism Works in Mysterious Ways

Is the default setting of the world sexist, I wonder this ever so often. The Indian National Rounds of the ICC Moot Court Competition are being organised in our University and the entire Accommodation (Acco) team had gone out for a field trip to check out different hotels and the rooms they had to offer so that we could decide where to host our teams. It was the four of us, three girls and one, a little too sure of himself, guy. My sole aim for this ‘tour of shady hotels’, as one of my friends put it, to get the most reasonably priced hotel for our teams to stay, which can provide all the basic amenities including hot water and wifi.

Except for one of the hotels, all had men as managers and I wouldn’t have actually taken note of it but after a point, I started seeing a pattern, which really irked me. All the managers were talking to the ‘a little too sure of himself’ guy. They just kept ignoring the three women, one of them extremely tall. I would have let it slide too but then the guy was getting in the way of me securing at the number I wanted my rooms to cost me. He wasn’t letting me do my job. I had ruined my Saturday for this and he kept yapping on. When I had had enough, I had to interject and take matters in hand. It always took at least three exchanges for the managers to understand that it was the women who meant business. Arghhhhh.

The men just assume that the women don’t know how money works, I guess. It is just funny, really.


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