Hi! You can call me Shiva, my complete name is quite convoluted, as are many Indian names. :P. Now you are here means you want to know what this blog is about. In a nutshell, everything but nothing. I love to write about my travels, am a huge SRK fan (judge all you want), am in love with James Bond and Benedict Cumberbatch. I like listening to folk fusion especially coke studio. I am currently in law school and with a view of enlightening future lawyer souls, I even like writing about my experiences in my college. Sometimes, even a random incident can trigger my tiny little brain to write especially some peculiar incidents which can happen only in India. I enjoy writing fiction, which is basically, my version of a Disney Princess story ( well not exactly). I dabble in photography.

And I hope that you like the way I write and keep coming back for more. Do tell me in the comments.



24 thoughts on “ME AND MY BLOG

  1. I read some of your posts, and the story that you are writing …. Your posts are written very well. I liked them.
    Is your story based on some real life experiences or it’s just a fiction?

  2. Hey Passion,

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, and for the lovely comment about my post. I see that you love writing and from your posts, you do very well. I also do a lot of writing and submissions to contests. Haven’t won any (but did win loads of scholarships in university), but anyway, just wanted to say (if you haven’t already), why not enter in some contests……….even if you don’t win, the comments and reviews and certainly very helpful in honing the skill………….your photos are quite lovely too! Push on!

    • Thanks a lot for such gracious comments. Thanks a ton. Sure if you know of some contests I would love to know about them because I just write on my blog when I feel like. I would even love, if you would comment on my posts. And thanks for liking the photos, I love dabbling with my camera. Again your comments are very kind

  3. I write on, once you join you’ll see all the various ways you can enter contests, submit your work for review, etc. Also if you type in ”writing contests 2015” into google, you’ll get a host of them coming up. You can also type in ”free” writing contests (so you are not paying a submission fee)………..hope that helps! πŸ™‚

    • Thanks a lot hope you will keep coming back and by the way amazing photos. I have always wanted to go on a proper trip to Jaipur but it always ends up the usual in chokhi dhani. But till then I have your blog πŸ™‚

      • sure…I like your writing style! anything you enjoy tends to keep you wanting more! πŸ™‚
        There’s lots more to Jaipur than the standard “touristy” Jaipur ! I’m sure someday you will be able to visit & explore the city…the way you want to!

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